Rolf Fjelde Biography (1926-)

Addresses: Home: 261 Chatterton Parkway, White Plains, NY, 10606; Office: DeKalb Hall 3, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, 11205; Agent: Samuel FrenchInc., 25 W. 45th Street, New York, NY, 10036.

"I began as a poet, writing, publishing and reviewing poetry and editing two'little magazines.' My first work ... a poem-suite titled Washington, was composed in response to Ezra Pound's injunction to make my work 'a barometer of the times.' Having always loved the theatre, I wasdrawn to the translation of Ibsen, because I sensed ... a sensitive barometer of our entire civilization--of the immense shift of consciousness in the nineteenth century that broke from what he termed the preceeding First and Second Empires, of the deepest tendencies of our own age. My life since engagingwith Ibsen's achievement has been a constantly renewed attempt to followout those implications, to understand them better, and thereby keep ultimatefaith with a central vision that is evolving through seeming chaos and unremitting struggle toward a future of unprecedented promise."

playwright, educator, poet

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