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Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Griselda Fishfinger, Jabberwocky, Cinema 5, 1977
  • Jenny, Last Day of Summer, 1984
  • Sister Mercy, Sacred Hearts, 1984
  • Telephone operator, Out of Order, 1987
  • Cook, The Kitchen Child, 1990
  • Linda, Syrup, 1993
  • Mary, Anchoress, International Film Circuit, 1993
  • Nurse Wrekin, Beyond Bedlam (also known as Nightscare), International Video Productions/Finnkino, 1993
  • Maggie, Captives, Miramax, 1994
  • Connie Babblehump, The Grotesque (also known as Gentlemen Don'tEat Poets and Grave Indiscretion), LIVE Entertainment, 1995
  • Lady Alabaster, Angels and Insects, Samuel Goldwyn, 1995
  • Katherine, Caught in the Act, 1996
  • Martyn's barrister, The Hollow Reed (also known as Believe Me, Lautlose Schreie, and Tras el silencio--Hollow Reed), 1996
  • Pat (Tim's mother), 24 7: Twenty Four Seven (also known as TwentyFourSeven), October Films, 1997
  • Sadie, Little Voice, Miramax, 1998
  • Cook, Mrs. Caldicot's Cabbage War, Arrow Film Distributors, 2000
  • Psychologist, Beautiful People, Trimark Pictures, 2000
  • Rose, Honest, Winchester Films, 2000
  • Brown Owl, Redemption Road, Fusion International Sales, 2001
  • Head nurse, My Other Wheelchair Is a Porsche (short film), 2002
  • Lily, A Village Tale, 2002
  • Marlene, Secret Society (also known as Club der starken Frauen), First Run Features, 2002
  • Stella, Club Le Monde, ScreenProjex, 2002
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Charlotte, Bergerac, BBC, 1981-1984
  • Christine, Trouble and Strife, Central Independent Television, 1985-1986
  • Willow, Making Out, BBC, 1989-1991
  • Shine, Archer's Goon, [Great Britain], beginning 1992
  • Nurse, Inside Victor Lewis-Smith, BBC-2, 1993
  • Dolly Buckle, Blackhearts in Battersea, BBC, beginning 1996
  • The Queen's Nose, [Great Britain], beginning 1998
  • Brawdie Henshall, Cutting It, BBC, beginning 2002, UK Drama, beginning 2002, and UK G2, beginning 2003
  • Miniseries
  • Vera, Pictures, [Great Britain], 1983, broadcast on MasterpieceTheatre, PBS, 1983
  • Piggy Fassbinder, Lace, ABC and ITV, 1984
  • Gladys Martin, "A Pocket Full of Rye," Miss Marple (also known asAgatha Christie's Miss Marple, Series II), BBC, Arts and Entertainment, and Network 7, 1985
  • Piggy Fassbinder, Lace II, ABC and ITV, 1985
  • The Mushroom Picker, BBC, 1993
  • Big Smithy, Smokescreen, BBC, 1994
  • Farmer Grultrud's wife, Gulliver's Travels, NBC, 1996
  • Brenda, Holding On, BBC America, 1997
  • Chertsey cook, Oliver Twist, PBS, 1999
  • Confusion's fourth wife, The Lost Empire (also known as MonkeyKing--Ein Krieger zwischen den Welten), NBC, 2001
  • Movies
  • Tap dancing pupil, The Naked Civil Servant: The Autobiography of Quentin Crisp (also known as The Naked Civil Servant), Thames Television and PBS, 1975
  • French woman on bus, Crossing to Freedom (also known as The Pied Piper and The Red Piper), CBS, 1990
  • Cuts, [Great Britain], 1996
  • Mrs. Fezziwig, A Christmas Carol, TNT, 1999
  • Mrs. Pinkton, The Gentleman Thief, BBC, 2002
  • Mrs. Stannidge, The Mayor of Casterbridge, Arts and Entertainment,2003
  • Indian Dream (also known as The Village), BBC, 2003
  • Episodic
  • Girl in bureau, "Looking for Mr. Wright," Shoestring, BBC, 1980
  • Nurse, "Crossing the Line," Nanny, BBC, 1982
  • Nurse, "In," Minder, Thames Television and Euston Films, 1982
  • Nurse, "Mummy's Brave Little Soldier," You Must Be the Husband, BBC, 1987
  • Sybil Darnley, "The Rough and the Smooth," All Creatures Great and Small, BBC, 1989
  • Jodie Forbes, "Remembrance," Casualty, BBC, 1990
  • Dawn, "Young at Heart," 2.4 Children (also known as 2point4 Children and Two Point Four Children), BBC, 1991
  • Dawn, "Beam Me Up, Scotty," 2.4 Children (also known as 2point4Children and Two Point Four Children), BBC, 1993
  • Ailsa, "Babies," Frank Stubbs Promotes, Carlton Television, 1994
  • Ms. Emmett, "Episode 2," Blue Heaven, Channel 4, 1994
  • Thalia Thomas, "The Parent Trap," Love Hurts, BBC, 1994
  • Miss Bliss, Mike & Angelo, ITV, 1995
  • Pizza restaurant employee, "Episode 4," Fist of Fun, [Great Britain], 1995
  • Angie Barker, "The Fat Lady Sings," The Bill, Thames Television and Yorkshire Television, 1998
  • Mrs. Tapioca, "The Heat Is On," The Worst Witch, HBO, 1998
  • Mrs. Tapioca, "A Mean Halloween," The Worst Witch, HBO, 1998
  • Mrs. Tapioca, "When We Feast at the Midnight Hour," The Worst Witch, HBO, 1998
  • Eleri, "Search for the Hero," Holby City, BBC, 1999
  • Mrs. Tapioca, "Animal Magic," The Worst Witch, HBO, 1999
  • Penny Rowan (some sources cite Penny Rowse), "Look Again," The Bill, Thames Television and Yorkshire Television, 1999
  • Judy Brownlow, "A Woman's Right to Choose," Doctors, BBC, 2000
  • Edna Pendleton, "The Best Man," Born and Bred, BBC, 2002
  • Mrs. Spriggs, "Five Little Pigs," Poirot, London Weekend Television and ITV, 2003
  • Appeared in A Bit of Fry and Laurie, BBC; The Demon Headmaster, BBC; and Hale and Pace, ITV.
  • Other
  • Cook, The Little Princess (special), PBS, 1987
  • Chinese Whispers, BBC, 1989
  • Appeared in Great Expectations and Outside Edge.
  • Stage Appearances
  • Doctor Faustus, Young Vic Theatre, London, beginning 2002
  • Appeared in As You Like It, Comrades, Love's Labour's Lost, Romeo and Juliet, The Taming of the Shrew, and Toadof Toad Hall, all Royal Shakespeare Company; appeared in The Rise andFall of the Little Voice (also known as Little Voice), London; also appeared in productions of Hobson's Choice, Hotel Paradise, Joking Apart, Last Resort, Pygmalion, and The Seagull.

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