Charles Dance Biography (1946-)

Born October 10, 1946, in Rednal (some sources cite Redditch, Birmingham, orPlymouth), England; son of Walter (an engineer) and Eleanor (a cook; maiden name, Perks) Dance; married Joanna Elizabeth Nicola Daryl Haythorn (an artist), July 18, 1970 (divorced, February 1, 2004); children: Oliver, Rebecca.

Birth Details
October 10, 1946
United Kingdom

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Claus, For Your Eyes Only, United Artists, 1981
  • Paul Hatcher, The McGuffin, BBC Films, 1985
  • Raymond Brock, Plenty, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1985
  • Sardo Numspa, The Golden Child, Paramount, 1986
  • D. W. Griffith, Good Morning, Babylon (also known as Good Morning Babilonia), Vestron Pictures, 1987
  • James Richards, Hidden City, Channel Four Films, 1987
  • Josslyn Hay (Earl of Erroll), White Mischief, Columbia, 1987
  • Anthony Bowles, Pascali's Island (also known as L'isola di Pascali), Avenue Entertainment/Virgin Vision, 1988
  • Clemens, Alien 3 (also known as Alien3), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1992
  • Surveyor, Kalkstein (also known as Limestone, The Valleyof Stone, and La valle di pietra), 1992
  • Benedict, Last Action Hero, Columbia, 1993
  • Professor Mandry, Century, BBC Films/Beambright, 1993
  • Quinn, Desvio al paraiso (also known as Shortcut to Paradise), BMG Video, 1994
  • Robert Flaherty, Kabloonak (also known as Nanook), Raven Releasing, 1994
  • Rupert Munro, China Moon (also known as Lune rouge), Orion,1994
  • Dr. Ed Mittlesbay, Exquisite Tenderness (also known as Dr. Death, Intensive Care, The Surgeon, Die Bestie im weissen Kittel, and Exquisite Tenderness--Hoellische Qualen), A-pix Entertainment, 1995
  • Nabel/Macanudo, Space Truckers (also known as Star Truckers), Goldcrest Films International, 1996
  • Soames, Michael Collins, Warner Bros., 1996
  • Cyril, The Blood Oranges, Trimark Pictures, 1998
  • Derek du Pre, Hilary and Jackie, October Films, 1998
  • Frank, Don't Go Breaking My Heart (also known as Us Begins withYou), PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, 1998
  • Mr. Burton, Jr., What Rats Won't Do, PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, 1998
  • James "Dougie" Douglas, Chrono-Perambulator, 1999
  • Professor K., Jurji, Key Films Distributors, 2001
  • Raymond (Lord Stockbridge), Gosford Park, USA Films, 2001
  • Wing commander Bentley, Tmavomodry svet (also known as Dark Blue World), Sony Pictures Classics, 2001
  • David Carlton, Ali G Indahouse (also known as Ali G Indahouse:The Movie), Universal, 2002
  • Roderic Chamberlain, Black and White, New Vision Films, 2002
  • Charles Lushington, Labyrinth, 2003
  • Cox William, City and Crimes, 2003
  • John Bosload, Swimming Pool, Focus Features 2003
  • Film Work
  • Director and executive producer, Ladies in Lavender, Tale Partnerships, 2004
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Prince Eddy (duke of Clarence), Edward the Seventh (also known asEdward the King, Edward VII, and The Royal Victorians),Associated Television, 1975
  • The Secret Servant, BBC, c. 1984
  • Tulkington, Bleak House, BBC, beginning 2005
  • Miniseries
  • Reynaed Callaghan, Frost in May, BBC, 1982
  • Edward Hartford-Jones, Nancy Astor, BBC, 1982, also broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 1984
  • Guy Perron, The Jewel in the Crown, Granada Television, 1984, alsobroadcast on Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 1984-85
  • Gerry Stamford, Out on a Limb, ABC, 1987
  • Dr. Edward Forester, First Born, BBC, 1988, Arts and Entertainment, 1989
  • Aircraft company manager, The Lancaster Miller Affair (also knownas Victims of Passion), 1990
  • Erik (title role), Phantom of the Opera, NBC, 1990
  • (Uncredited) Coroner, Messiah (also known as Messiah I: The First Killings), BBC, 2001
  • Ralph Nickleby, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (alsoknown as Nicholas Nickleby), Independent Television and Bravo, 2001
  • Himself, Looking for Victoria, BBC, 2003
  • Duke of Buckingham, Henry VIII, Independent Television, PBS, CBC,and Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2003
  • Greg Harwood, Trial & Retribution VII, Independent Television,2003
  • Marchese Clementi, Don Bosco, Radiotelevisione Italiana, 2004
  • Cardinal Konig, Pope John Paul II, CBS, 2005
  • Mr. Christopher Lilly, Fingersmith, BBC, 2005
  • Sir Henry Somerset, To the Ends of the Earth, BBC, 2005
  • Wheeler, Last Rights, Channel 4 (England), 2005
  • Movies
  • Michael Hayden, "Out of the Shadows," Harlequin Romance Movie, Showtime, 1988
  • Ian Fleming, Goldeneye: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming, syndicated, 1990
  • Michael St. Dennis, Darlings of the Gods, Thames Television and Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1991
  • Lyle Yates, Undertow, Showtime, 1996
  • Captain Richter, In the Presence of Mine Enemies, Showtime, 1997
  • Sir Henry Carlyle, Murder Rooms (also known as The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes and Murder Rooms: The Dark Origins of SherlockHolmes), BBC, 1999, broadcast on Mystery!, PBS, 2000
  • Neil Hamilton, Justice in Wonderland, 2000
  • Specials
  • Colin, "Dreams of Leaving," Play for Today, BBC, 1980
  • Siegfried Sassoon, The Fatal Spring (also known as BBC-2 Playhouse: Fatal Spring), BBC-2, 1980
  • Very Like a Whale, 1981
  • Borghejm, Little Eyolf (also known as Play of the Month: LittleEyolf), BBC, 1982
  • Captain John Truman, Rainy Day Woman (also known as BBC Play for Today: Rainy Day Women), BBC, 1984
  • Charleston, Thunder Rock, BBC, 1985
  • Himself, The Making of "Alien 3," 1992
  • Host, Ira Gershwin: A Centenary Celebration--Who Could Ask for Anything More?, Arts and Entertainment, 1997
  • Maxim de Winter, Rebecca, Carlton Television, 1997, also broadcaston Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 1997
  • Narrator, The Real Spartacus, History Channel, 2000
  • Himself and Clemens, Alien Evolution, Channel 4 (England), 2001
  • Narrator, Collision Course, BBC, 2003
  • Narrator, When Hitler Invaded Britain, Independent Television, 2005
  • Awards Presentations
  • The Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2003, Independent Television,2003
  • The Evening Standard British Film Awards, Independent Television 3, 2005
  • Episodic
  • O'Brien, Father Brown, Associated Television, 1974
  • Teddy Garland, "Mr. Justice Raffles," Raffles, Yorkshire Television, 1977
  • Parker, "The Ojuka Situation," The Professionals, Independent Television, 1983
  • James Latimer, "This Lightning Always Strikes Twice," Time for Murder (also known as Time for Murder: This Lightning Always Strikes Twice), Granada Television, 1984
  • Robert Smythe, "Skeleton in the Cupboard," Roald Dahl's "Tales of theUnexpected" (also known as Tales of the Unexpected), Anglia Television and syndicated, 1987
  • Kenneth Crisby, "Drop Dead," Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), BBC,2000
  • "Charles Dance," This Is Your Life, [Great Britain], 2001
  • Guy Spencer, "The White Feather," Foyle's War, Independent Television, 2002
  • Voice, "The Two Winstons," A History of Britain, BBC and History Channel, 2002
  • Guest, V Graham Norton, Channel 4 (England), 2003
  • Himself, Big Brother's Efourum, 2004
  • Himself, The Heaven and Earth Show, BBC, 2004
  • Himself, The Kumars at No. 42, BBC-2 and BBC America, 2004
  • Guest, Film '04, BBC, 2004
  • Guest, This Morning (also known as This Morning with Richard and Judy), Independent Television, 2004
  • Himself, Breakfast, BBC, 2005
  • Other
  • Saigon: The Last Day (also known as The Last Day), BBC, 1983
  • Stage Appearances
  • Understudy for Macheath, The Beggar's Opera, Chichester Theatre Festival, Chichester, England, 1972
  • Title role, Henry V, Royal Shakespeare Company, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, New York City, 1975
  • Reynaldo and Fortinbras, Hamlet, Royal Shakespeare Company, London, 1975
  • Title role, Coriolanus, Odeon Nationale, Paris, France, 1979
  • Morris Townsend, The Heiress, Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham, England, 1980
  • Nestor, Irma la Douce, West End production, London, 1980
  • Frank, Turning Over, Bush Theatre, London, 1983
  • Title role, Coriolanus, Royal Shakespeare Company, Barbican Theatre, London, 1990
  • Good, British production, 1999
  • James Tyrone, Long Day's Journey into Night, Lyric Theatre, London, 2000-2001
  • Appeared as Tullus, Aufidius; as a hotel manager, Born Yesterday, Greenwich, England; as Beaudricort, St. Joan, Oxford, England;as Soliony, The Three Sisters, Greenwich, England; as Badger, Toadof Toad Hall, Swindon, England; and as Henry Carr, Travesties, Leeds, England. Also appeared in Royal Shakespeare Company productions as Oliver, As You Like It; as Tomazo, The Changeling; as Lancaster, Henry IV, Parts I and II; as Williams and Scroop, Henry V; as Freeman, The Jail Diary of Albie Sachs; as a Spanish envoy, Perkin Warbeck; and as Catesby, Richard III.
  • Major Tours
  • It's a Two-Foot Six-Inch above the Ground World, British cities, 1970
  • Radio Appearances
  • Performed as Frederick Delius, The Paradise Garden Attained, and as Sydney Carton, A Tale of Two Cities.
  • Audiobooks; Narrator
  • Dick Francis, Proof, DH Audio, 1985
  • Frederick Forsyth, The Fourth Protocol, DH Audio, 1986
  • Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island, Random House, 1993
  • Lord Byron, The Collected Works of Lord Byron, Listen for Pleasure, 1995
  • Lord vice admiral Horatio Nelson, The Letters and Journals of Lord Nelson, Mr. Punch Audio Books, 1997
  • Charles Dickens, A Study Guide to Charles Dickens's "A Tale of Two Cities," Time Warner Audiobooks, 1998
  • John Hawkes, The Blood Oranges, Penguin/Highbridge, 1998
  • Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca, Acorn Media, 2000
  • Videos
  • Himself, The Making of "Alien 3," Twentieth Century-Fox Home Entertainment, 2003
  • Screenplays
  • Ladies in Lavender (based on a short story by William J. Locke), Tale Partnerships, 2004

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