Charles O'Neal Biography (1904-1996)

Born January 6, 1904, in Raeford, NC; died August 29, 1996, in Los Angeles (some sources say Beverly Hills), CA; married Patricia O'Callaghan; children: Ryan (an actor), Kevin (a screenwriter); grandfather of Tatum O'Neal (an actress). Career: Writer and actor. Worked as a stage actor in Illinois, California, and New York; Old Globe Shakespearean Repertory Company, San Diego, CA, member of company. Also worked as bank clerk and horse groom. Awards, Honors: Christopher Award, 1949, for The Three Wishes of Jamie McRuin..

writer, actor
Birth Details
January 6, 1904
Raeford, North Carolina, United States
Death Details
August 29, 1996
Los Angeles, California, United States

Famous Works

  • Screenplays
  • The Seventh Victim,1943
  • The Missing Juror,1944
  • Cry of the Werewolf(also known as Daughter of the Werewolf), 1944
  • I Love a Mystery,1945
  • The Devil's Mask,1946
  • Return of the Bad Men,1948
  • Montana,1950
  • Contributor of additional dialogue, Mutiny,1952
  • Johnny Trouble, Warner Bros., 1957
  • Lassie's Great Adventure,1963
  • Author of the screenplay Golden Girl.
  • Television
  • Writer for episodes of the television series Lassie and The Untouchables.
  • Stage
  • Coauthor of stage version, The Three Wishes of Jamie McRuin(musical; based on his novel), produced on Broadway. Other stage writings include Praise Hoyes.
  • Other
  • The Three Wishes of Jamie McRuin(novel), 1949
  • (With Victor Trivas) The Thirty-Second Day(novel), 1964
  • Author of a column syndicated by Copley newspaper group.

Further Reference


  • The screenplay The Alligator, released by Twentieth Century-Fox in1959, is based on a story by O'Neal. The television movie Three Wishes for Jamie, released in syndication in 1987, is based on O'Neal's novel The Three Wishes of Jamie McRuin.
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