Erich Stroheim Biography (1885-1957)

Original name, Erich Oswald Stroheim; also known as Erich Oswald Hans Carl Maria von Stroheim; born September 22, 1885, in Vienna, Austria; immigrated tothe United States, 1909, naturalized citizen, 1926; died of cancer, May 12, 1957, in Maurepas, France; son of Benno (a hat manufacturer and dealer) and Johanna Stroheim; married Margaret Knox, February 10, 1913 (separated, 1914; died, 1915); married May Jones (a seamstress and dressmaker), 1916 (divorced, 1918); married Valerie Germonprez, 1918 (separated); children: (second marriage) Erich, Jr.; (third marriage) Josef. Career: Actor, director, producer, art designer, and costume designer. Worked as assistant and military adviser to filmmakers D. W. Griffith, 1914-15, and John Emerson, 1915-17. Sometimes credited as Count von Stroheim, Eric O. H. von Stroheim, and Karl von Stroheim. Simpson-Crawford (department store), gift wrapper; Max Grab Fashion Co., traveling salesman; worked at West Point Inn, in California, 1912; also worked as travel agent and railway worker. Military service: Served in Austro-Hungarian Army. Awards, Honors: Academy Award nomination, best supporting actor, 1950, for Sunset Blvd.; Certificate of Merit, servicesto film, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, 1954.

Actor, director, producer, art designer, costume designer
Birth Details
September 22, 1885
Vienna, Austria
Death Details
May 12, 1957
Maurepas, France

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