Richard Murdoch Biography (1907-)

Born April 6, 1907, in Keston, England; son of Bernard (a tea broker) and AmyFlorence (Scott) Murdoch; married Peggy Rawlings (an actress), 1932; children: Belinda, Jane, Timothy. Addresses: AGENT--Essanay Ltd., 2 Bruton Street, London W1R 9TG, England.

Favorite roles: William in You Never Can Tell and Sir William Boothroyd in Lloyd George Knew My Father.

Birth Details
April 6, 1907
Keston, England

Famous Works

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Aug 5, 2012 @ 4:04 am
Can anyone tell me the name of the radio programme in which Richard Murdoch played records 'he hopes will amuse you'? Apparently the title of the programme is quite appropriate!

Many thanks.

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