Vladimir Mashkov Biography (1963-)

Born November 27, 1963, in Tula, Russia; father, an actor; mother, a directorof a puppet theatre; married Yelena Shevchenko (an actress; marriage ended);married Alene Khovanskyaya (an actress; marriage ended); married Xenia Terentyeva (a model, television journalist, and wardrobe designer), December 31, 1999; children: (first marriage) Mariya Mashkova (an actress). Addresses: Agent: Art-Agency, Moscow 129110, Russia, 1st Pereyaslavsky Per., 4.; Contact: c/o Oleg Tabakov Theatre, Chaokyina Str. 12-a, Moscow, Russia.

Actor, director
Birth Details
November 27, 1963
Tula, Russia

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Nikita, Zelyonyj ogon kozy (also known as The Goat's Green Fire), 1989
  • Ha-bi-ass, Ha-bi-assy, 1990
  • Delaj-raz! (also known as Do It-One!), 1990
  • Smerti, Lyubov na ostrove smerti (also known as Love at the Death Island), 1991
  • Andrzej Poliansky, Alyaksa, ser! (also known as Alaska, Sir!), 1992
  • Aaron, Moi Ivan, toi Abraham (also known as Ivan and Abraham, Me Ivan, You Abraham, and Ya-Ivan, Ty-Abram), New Yorker Films, 1993
  • Serguei, Katya Ismailova (also known as Podmoskovnye vechere, Moscow Nights, and Evenings Near Moscow), 1993
  • Ivan P. Voroshilov, Limita, 1994
  • Alexei Varakin, Amerikanskaya doch (also known as American Daughter), American Distribution, 1995
  • Voice, Koroli i kapusta (animated), 1996
  • Tolyan, Vor (also known as Bop, The Thief, and Levoleur et l'enfant), Stratosphere Entertainment, Llc., 1997
  • Stall-holder, Sirota kazanskaya (also known as Sympathy Seeker), 1997
  • Voice of Devil, Noch pered Rozhdestvom, 1997
  • Alexei, Dve luny, tri solntsa (also known as Two Moons, Three Suns), 1998
  • Sasha Morgulis, Composition for Victory Day (also known as Sochineniye ko Dny, Pobedi, and Victory Day Essay), 1998
  • Nikolai Yuryev, Mama (also known as Mummy), 1999
  • Yemelyan Pugachyov, Russkij bunt (also known as The Captain's Daughter and La fille du capitaine), 2000
  • Sacha, Dancing at the Blue Iguana, Lions Gate Films Inc., 2000
  • Milos, 15 Minutes (also know as 15 Minuten Ruhm and 15 Minutes of Glory), New Line Cinema, 2001
  • Frank, An American Rhapsody, Paramount Classics, 2001
  • Oleg Petrov, The Quickie (also known as Quickie: Let's Do It Quickly), 2001
  • Tracker, Behind Enemy Lines, Twentieth Century-Fox, 2001
  • Platon Makovsky, Oligarkh (also known as Oligarch and Oligarkh l'oligarque), 2002
  • Russian mafia operative, Where Eskimos Live, 2002
  • Alexander, Red America, 2002
  • Film Director
  • Sirota kazanskaya (also known as Sympathy Seeker), 1997
  • Television Appearances
  • Movies
  • Casus Improvisus, 1991
  • Ugarov, Twenty Minutes with an Angel (also known as Dvadtsat minut s angelom), 1996
  • Rogozhin, The Idiot, 2002
  • Stage Appearances
  • Appeared in My Big Land, Biloxy Blues, The Inspector General, and Don Juan, all Oleg Tabakov Theatre.
  • Stage Director
  • Directed productions of A Star Hour by Local Time, Passions forBumbarash, The Death-Defying Act, and The Threepenny Opera.

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