Fay Hauser Biography ((?)-)

Born December 28; married Louis Price (a recording artist, formerly with thesinging group the Temptations); children: Sierra.

Actress, producer
Birth Details
December 28,
United States

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Anne, Seems Like Old Times (also known as Neil Simon's Seems Like Old Times), Columbia, 1980
  • Brenda Davis, Marvin and Tige (also known as Like Father and Son), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1983
  • Nina Lovejoy, Jimmy the Kid, New World, 1983
  • Grace, Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling, Columbia, 1986
  • Rachel Hill, The Waterdance, Samuel Goldwyn, 1992
  • Pam Carver, Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (also known as Candyman II: Farewell to the Flesh), Gramercy, 1995
  • Julie Thomas, The Hot Chick, Buena Vista, 2002
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Mara Wilkes, Viper, NBC, 1994
  • Detective Salena Wiley, The Young and the Restless (also known asY & R), CBS, 1997
  • Miniseries
  • Carrie Barden, Roots: The Next Generations, CBS, 1979
  • Movies
  • Janet Owens, Christmas Lilies of the Field, NBC, 1979
  • Grace, Inmates: A Love Story, ABC, 1981
  • Strange Voices, NBC, 1987
  • Fall into Darkness, NBC, 1996
  • Specials
  • A Place at the Table, NBC, 1988
  • Episodic
  • Barbara, "J. J. Condition," Good Times, CBS, 1978
  • Laraine, "Gopher the Rebel/Cabin Fever/Pacific Princess Overture," TheLove Boat, ABC, 1978
  • Melanie, "Dee's First Date," What's Happening!!, ABC, 1978
  • Nurse, "Louie Sees the Light," Taxi, ABC, 1979
  • Jacquie Templeton, "Violence," Lou Grant, CBS, 1981
  • Rhonda, "The Apartment," Benson, ABC, 1981
  • Annie, "The Ewing Touch," Dallas, CBS, 1982
  • Annie, "Hit and Run," Dallas, CBS, 1982
  • Harriet Tubman, "Created Equal," Voyagers!, NBC, 1982
  • Annie, "Hell Hath No Fury," Dallas, CBS, 1983
  • "Detroit: The Price of Freedom," Lottery!, ABC, 1983
  • "The Woman in White," Matt Houston, ABC, 1983
  • Jovina (some sources cite Jobina) Wright, "Night Vigil," T. J. Hooker, ABC, 1984
  • Renee Bethel, "Scales of Justice," Hill Street Blues, NBC, 1986
  • Tina Calvin, "Missing Melody," Magnum, P.I., CBS, 1986
  • Lydia Williams, "Homeless," Mr. Belvedere, ABC, 1988
  • Tina Calvin, "Resolutions," Magnum, P.I., CBS, 1988
  • Adrienne Wallace, "Coppin' Out" (also known as "Cop Love"), 21 Jump Street, syndicated, 1991
  • Dr. Wilder, "Prisoner X," The Sentinel, UPN, 1998
  • Kathryn Hamilton (some sources cite Catherine Culver), "Planting Seeds,"Family Law, CBS, 2001
  • Martha Rosen (some sources cite role of Jewel), "Jackson," Kate Brasher, CBS, 2001
  • "Back in the Saddle," The District, CBS, 2003
  • Appeared in Sweet Justice, NBC; appeared as Ivy in "Cora's Stranger," an unaired episode of Shadow Chasers, ABC.
  • Pilots
  • Miss Ann, Gus Brown and Midnight Brewster, NBC, 1985
  • Mara Wilkes, Viper, NBC, 1994
  • Television Work
  • Specials; As Fay Hauser-Price
  • Associate producer, Story of a People: The Black Road to Hollywood, syndicated, 1991
  • Producer, Story of a People: Expressions in Black, syndicated, 1991

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