Frankie Faison Biography (1949-)

Full name, Frankie Russel Faison; born June 10, 1949, in Newport News, VA; son of Edgar and Carmena (maiden name, Gantt) Faison; married Jane Mandel, November 26, 1988; children: Blake, Amanda, Rachel.

Birth Details
June 10, 1949
Newport News, Virginia, United States

Famous Works

  • Stage Appearances
  • Paul, "Andrew," The Corner, New York Shakespeare Festival, PublicTheatre, New York City, 1972
  • Lord attending Duke Senior, As You Like It, New York Shakespeare Festival, Delacorte Theatre, New York City, 1973
  • Understudy for Ajax, Menelaus, Aeneas, and servant, Troilus and Cressida, New York Shakespeare Festival, Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre, New York City, 1973
  • Sam Wilde, "Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide," A Season within a Season, Negro Ensemble Company, St. Mark's Playhouse, New York City, 1974
  • Walter, The Last Days of British Honduras, New York Shakespeare Festival, Public Theatre, 1974
  • Understudy for the roles of Lenny and Crooks, Of Mice and Men, Brooks Atkins Theatre, New York City, 1974
  • Billy, Welcome to Black River, Negro Ensemble Company, St. Mark'sPlayhouse, 1975
  • Cabin dweller, Jo Anne!, Theatre of the Riverside Church, New YorkCity, 1976
  • Stagolee, Scagolle, and Skulleton, The Great MacDaddy, Theatre DeLys, New York City, 1977
  • Gus Washington, Broadway, Broadway, Forrest Theatre, Philadelphia,PA, 1978
  • Louis, Black Body Blues, Negro Ensemble Company, St. Mark's Playhouse, 1978
  • Guard, Coriolanus, New York Shakespeare Festival, Public Theatre,1978
  • Remembrance, New York Shakespeare Festival, Public Theatre, 1979
  • Jass (staged reading), New Dramatists, Inc., New York City, 1980
  • Bruh, "Escape from Deep Hammock During the Hurricane of '52," Bominishus,"The Organ Recital at the New Grand," and Ham Shady, "The Men's Room," The Men's Room (triple-bill), Actors Repertory Theatre, New York City, 1982
  • Man two, The Box, New Directors Project, Perry Street Theatre, NewYork City, 1984
  • Actor two, District Line, Negro Ensemble Company, Theatre Four, New York City, 1984
  • Gabriel, Fences, Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL, 1986, then 46th Street Theatre, New York City, 1987
  • The Forbidden City, Luesther Hall, Public Theatre, 1989
  • Bailey, Before It Hits Home, LuEsther Hall, Public Theatre, 1992
  • Martinus Zoeloe, Playland, Manhattan Theatre Club Stage II, New York City, 1993
  • Joe, The Shadow Box, Circle in the Square, New York City, 1994
  • Dan Gerard, Getting Away with Murder, Broadhurst Theatre, New YorkCity, 1996
  • Film Appearances
  • First gangmember, Ragtime, Paramount, 1981
  • Detective Brandt, Cat People, RKO Radio Pictures, 1982
  • Electrician, A Little Sex, Universal, 1982
  • Man in Lobby, Permanent Vacation, Gray City, 1982
  • Driver, Hanky-Panky, Columbia, 1982
  • Sergeant Parker, C.H.U.D., New World, 1984
  • Be Gee, Exterminator II, Cannon, 1984
  • Lieutenant Fisk, Manhunter (also known as Red Dragon: The Pursuit of Hannibal Lecter), De Laurentiis Entertainment Group, 1986
  • Hansy, Maximum Overdrive, Dino De Laurentiis, 1986
  • James, The Money Pit, Universal, 1986
  • Eulogist, Mississippi Burning, Orion, 1988
  • Landlord, Coming to America (also known as Prince in New York), Paramount, 1988
  • Coconut Sid, Do the Right Thing, Universal, 1989
  • (As Frankie R. Faison) Zack Monroe, Betsy's Wedding, Buena Vista,1990
  • Barney Matthews, The Silence of the Lambs, Orion, 1991
  • Levonne, City of Hope, Samuel Goldwyn, 1991
  • Eagle Man, Freejack, 1992
  • Joseph, Sommersby, Warner Bros., 1993
  • Madigan, Money for Nothing, Buena Vista, 1993
  • Police Chief, I Love Trouble, Buena Vista, 1994
  • Professor Martin, Roommates, Buena Vista, 1995
  • Horace Jones, Heading Home, 1995
  • Agent Marv Rose, Albino Alligator, Miramax, 1996
  • Robert Sterling Wilson (Black Fuhrer of Harlem), Mother Night, Fine Line, 1996
  • Ron Lewis, The Rich Man's Wife, Buena Vista, 1996
  • The Lloyd, The Stupids, New Line, 1996
  • Henry Broker, Jaded, 1996
  • Sheriff, The Tears of Julian Po (also known as Julian Po),Fine Line, 1997
  • Detective Paretti, The Thomas Crown Affair, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1999
  • Carter, Orson Welles Sells His Soul to the Devil, 1999
  • Security guard, Where the Money Is (also known as Ein Heisser Coup), Universal, 2000
  • Albert, Gina, an Actress, Age 29, 2001
  • (As Frankie R. Faison) Jimmy Dupree, The Sleepy Time Gal, Far Corners LLC, 2001
  • (As Frankie R. Faison) Tom Donner, A Little Inside, Monarch Home Video, 2001
  • (As Frankie R. Faison) Barney Matthews, Hannibal, MCA/Universal, 2001
  • Whitney Daniels, Down to Earth (also known as Einmal Himmel undzurueck), Paramount, 2001
  • Dick Lacey, Thirteen Conversations about One Thing, Sony PicturesClassics, 2001
  • (As Frankie R. Faison) Winship, Showtime, Warner Bros., 2002
  • Barney, Red Dragon (also known as Roter Drache), MCA/Universal, 2002
  • Jim Lewis, Gods and Generals, Warner Bros., 2003
  • Tom Mabry, Messengers, 2003
  • Macklin, Highwaymen, 2003
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Regular, Hot Hero Sandwich, NBC, 1979-1980
  • Ron Freeman, True Colors, Fox, 1990-1991
  • Captain Wilton, New York Undercover, Fox, 1995-1996
  • Detective Ray Peterson, Prey, ABC, 1997-1998
  • (As Frankie R. Faison) Deputy Commissioner of Operations Ervin H. Burrell, The Wire, HBO, 2002
  • Miniseries
  • Otis Debnam, Common Ground, CBS, 1990
  • Don Gaffney, Stephen King's "The Langoliers" (also known as TheLangoliers), ABC, 1995
  • Movies
  • Intern, Sessions, ABC, 1983
  • Mose Turner, The Spider and the Fly, USA Network, 1994
  • Phil Kline, Oxygen, Cinemax, 1999
  • (As Frankie R. Faison) Dwayne, Call Me Claus, TNT, 2001
  • Pilots
  • Ray Peterson, Prey, ABC, 1997
  • Episodic
  • (As Frankie R. Falcon) Detective, "The Bad Seed," Kate & Allie, CBS, 1985
  • Zudo, "Mission: McCall: Parts 1 & 2," The Equalizer, CBS, 1987
  • Mr. Carver, "Choice of Chance," A Man Called Hawk, ABC, 1989
  • "The Mandrake Root," Monsters, 1989
  • Lester Twiggs, "Out of the Half-Light," Law & Order, NBC, 1990
  • Ron, "I'm OK, You're Hilton," Cosby, CBS, 1997
  • Cornelius Keane, "Capital P," Oz, HBO, 1997
  • Ron, "On the Rocks," Cosby, CBS, 1998

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