Eva Holubova Biography ((?)-)


Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Pani Edisoni, 1987
  • Marie, Vojtech, receny sirotek (also known as Vojtech, Called the Orphan), 1989
  • Helena, Pribeh 88, 1989
  • Smer Karlstejn, Prazska petka, 1989
  • Bohunka, Cas sluhu, 1989
  • Cejkova, Obecna skola (also known as The Elementary School), Jose Esteban Alenda Distribucion, 1991
  • Kour (also known as The Smoke), 1991
  • Mother of the twins, Mutters Courage (also known as My Mother's Courage), National Center for Jewish Film, 1995
  • Vrana's wife, "Idiots," Knoflikari (also known as The Button-Pinchers, The Button-Pushers, and Buttoners), Astra Cinema, 1997
  • Anna, Pasti, pasti, pasticky (also known as Trap, Trap, LittleTrap and Traps), Bontonfilm Beta, 1998
  • Teacher, Pelisky (also known as Cosy Dens), 1999
  • Hanele, Bontonfilm, 1999
  • Kveta Laskonova, Ene bene (also known as Eeny Meeny), 2000
  • Vlasticka, Cesta z mesta, Falcon, 2000
  • Machatova, Andel exit (also known as Angel Exit), Falcon, 2000
  • Television Appearances
  • Episodic
  • Herself, Letadlo, 2001

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