Frances Ford Biography (1939-)

"My favorite role in my early years was Annie Sullivan in The Miracle Worker, played in non-Equity stock in Weston, Vermont. Annie is so well written and so real that her strength and determination became mine. My most important role recently was Madame in The Maids ... being a sensual bitchytype pointed a direction for future roles. I have in the past been a speakerfor American Friends Service Committee to raise money for the starving in theHorn of Africa, Ethiopia in particular. I spend time with several] Ethiopianrefugees as a friend to help them get used to the hectic pace of our life. Ihave taught and practice Yoga every day ... a great way to get your head back together. I enjoy being a mother ... my son acted with me for a while and belongs to both SAG and AEA; now he'll use the money he made in commercials to learn to fly. My politics are liberal, I suppose, and all seems to center on my firm belief that we all must learn to share and take care of the goodthings of this earth."

actress, director, singer
Birth Details
November 10, 1939
Appleton, Wisconsin, United States

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