Lacey Chabert Biography (1982-)

Surname is pronounced Sha-bare; full name, Lacey Nicole Chabert; born September 30, 1982, in Purvis, MS; daughter of Tony (a maintenance operations representative for an oil company) and Julie (a homemaker) Chabert. Addresses: Agent: Sara Ramaker, Paradigm, 360 North Crescent Dr., North Building, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.; Manager: The Collective, 9100 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 700 West, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.; Publicist: Siri Garber, Platform Public Relations, 2666 North Beachwood Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90068.

Actress, voice artist; also a singer, pianist, and violinist
Birth Details
September 30, 1982
Purvis, Mississippi, United States

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Singing voice of young Anastasia, Anastasia (animated musical), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1997
  • Penny Robinson, Lost in Space (also known as LS), New LineCinema, 1998
  • Eloise Logan, Tart (also known as Naive), Lions Gate Films,2000
  • Amanda Becker, Not Another Teen Movie (also known as Sex Academy), Columbia/TriStar, 2001
  • Florida Picou, The Scoundrel's Wife (also known as Homefront and The Home Front), Miracle Entertainment, 2002
  • Rachel Sawyer, Hometown Legend, Jenkins Entertainment, 2002
  • Voice of Eliza Thornberry, The Wild Thornberrys Movie (animated),Paramount, 2002
  • Jenny, Daddy Day Care, Revolution Studios, 2003
  • Voice of Eliza Thornberry, Rugrats Go Wild! (animated), Paramount,2003
  • Allison Henderson, Shadow of Fear, Mainline Productions, 2004
  • Gretchen Wieners, Mean Girls (also known as Untitled "Queen Bees and Wannabees" Project), Paramount, 2004
  • Faruza, The Pleasure Drivers, Leonidas Films, 2005
  • Julie, A New Wave, Fitter Happier Films, 2005
  • Libby, Accidental Murder, Accidental Productions, 2005
  • Meg, Dirty Deeds, Freestyle Releasing, 2005
  • Noa Goldman, Fatwa, Green Valley Entertainment, 2005
  • Cindy, Nice Guys, Trejo 4.0 Pictures/Film Emporium, 2006
  • Tiffany, Be My Baby, Turkey Ranch Productions, 2006
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Bianca Montgomery, All My Children (also known as All My Children: The Summer of Seduction), ABC, 1992, 1993
  • Claudia Salinger, Party of Five, Fox, 1994-2000
  • Voices of Eliza Thornberry and other characters, The Wild Thornberrys (animated; also known as The Thornberrys), Nickelodeon, 1998-2004
  • (Uncredited) Voice of Megan "Meg" Griffin, Family Guy (animated; also known as Padre de familia and Padre del familia), c. 1999
  • Voice of Kaycee, Bratz (animated), 4kidsTV, beginning 2005
  • Miniseries
  • Herself, I Love the '90s, VH1, 2004
  • Herself, I Love the '90s: Part Deux, VH1, 2005
  • Herself, 100 Greatest Kid Stars, VH1, c. 2005
  • Movies
  • Princess (also known as Hazal), A Little Piece of Heaven, NBC, 1991
  • Baby June, Gypsy (musical), CBS, 1993
  • Jenny Newhall, When Secrets Kill (also known as Mother's Day), ABC, 1997
  • Voice of Eliza Thornberry, The Wild Thornberrys: The Origin of Donnie (animated; also known as The Origin of Donnie), Nickelodeon, 2001
  • Brooke Ellison, The Brooke Ellison Story, Arts and Entertainment,2004
  • Voice of Kaycee, Rock Angelz (animated; also known as Bratz Rock Angelz), Cartoon Network, 2005
  • Same As It Never Was (also known as Little Sister, Big Trouble), ABC Family Channel, 2006
  • Specials
  • Carly Gallagher, "Educating Mom," ABC Afterschool Specials, ABC, 1996
  • Take a Moment, The Disney Channel, 1998
  • Voice of Jeanna, 2004: A Light Knight's Odyssey (animated), Sci-FiChannel, 2006
  • Some sources cite Chabert as the host of a special about Party of Five, E! Entertainment Television, 1998 or 1999.
  • Awards Presentations
  • Presenter, The Eighth Annual Kids' Choice Awards, Nickelodeon, 1995
  • Presenter, The Ninth Annual Kids' Choice Awards, Nickelodeon, 1996
  • Presenter, The 11th Annual Kids' Choice Awards, Nickelodeon, 1998
  • 2005 MTV Movie Awards, MTV, 2005
  • Episodic
  • Voice, "Snowy Day: Stories and Poems," Reading Rainbow, PBS, 1991
  • Star Search (also known as Star Search '91), syndicated, 1991
  • Voice of Bobbi Porter, "Runaways," Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles (animated), ABC, 1996
  • Voice of Kim, "For It May Come True," Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles (animated), ABC, 1996
  • Voice of Tiffany, "Krumm Gets Ahead/It's Only a Movie," Aaahh!!! RealMonsters (animated), Nickelodeon, 1996
  • Voice, "The Master Monster/Slumber Scare," Aaahh!!! Real Monsters(animated), Nickelodeon, 1996
  • Voice of Ruth P. McDougal, "Arnold's Valentine," Hey Arnold! (animated), Nickelodeon, 1997
  • Voice of Ruth P. McDougal, "Eugene Goes Bad/What's Opera, Arnold?," Hey Arnold! (animated), Nickelodeon, 1997
  • Voice of Callista, "Hercules and the Kids," Hercules (animated; also known as Disney's "Hercules"), ABC and syndicated, 1998
  • Guest, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, syndicated, 1998, 1999
  • Herself, Celebrity Profile: Jennifer Love Hewitt (also known as E! Celebrity Profile), E! Entertainment Television, 2000
  • Grace, "Drew's Girl Friday," The Drew Carey Show, ABC, 2002
  • Mary, "Heartbeat," Strong Medicine, Lifetime, 2002
  • Guest, Punk'd, MTV, 2003
  • Guest, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, NBC, 2004
  • Herself, "Tournament 5, Game 3," Celebrity Poker Showdown, Bravo,2005
  • Voice of Jasmine, "Dragon Breath," American Dragon: Jake Long (animated; also known as ADJL, American Dragon, Disney's "American Dragon: Jake Long," Jake Long: American Dragon, and Last Dragon), The Disney Channel, 2005
  • Voice of Surthanna, "Girl Trouble," Super Robot Monkey Team HyperforceGo! (animated), ABC Family Channel, ABC, and Jetix (United Kingdom), 2005
  • Appeared in "Last Petal," Stories from My Childhood (animated; also known as Mikhail Baryshnikov's "Stories from My Childhood"), PBS; also appeared in an episode of Mad TV, Fox.
  • Pilots
  • Claudia Salinger, Party of Five, Fox, 1994
  • Stage Appearances
  • Cosette and Gavroche, Les Miserables (musical), Broadway Theatre,New York City, then Imperial Theatre, New York City, for two years between 1987 and 1994
  • Videos
  • (As Lacy Chabert) Voice, Richard Scarry's Best Busy People Video Ever! (animated), Sony Wonder, 1993
  • (As Lacy Chabert) Voice, Richard Scarry's Best Learning Songs Video Ever! (animated), Random House Video, 1993
  • (As Esmeralda Belle Jane) Voice of Jill, Babes in Toyland (animated musical), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists Home Video, 1997
  • Voice of Little Red, Redux Riding Hood (animated short film), Buena Vista Home Video, 1997
  • Voice of Merla, Journey Beneath the Sea (animated), Paramount, 1997
  • Voice of Shani (Simba's daughter), Lion King II: Simba's Pride (animated musical; also known as Simba's Pride), Buena Vista Home Video,1998
  • Voice of Tanya Mousekewitz, An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island (animated musical; also known as An American Tail 3: The Treasure of Manhattan Island), Universal Studios Home Video, 1998
  • Voice of Cindy, We Wish You a Merry Christmas (animated), Lions Gate Home Entertainment, 1999
  • Voice of Tanya Mousekewitz, An American Tail: The Mystery of the NightMonster (animated), Universal Studios Home Video, 1999
  • Voice of Aleu, Balto II: Wolf Quest (animated), Universal CartoonStudios, 2002
  • (In archive footage) Bianca Montgomery, Daytime's Greatest Weddings, Buena Vista Home Video, 2004
  • Herself, "Mean Girls:" Only the Strong Survive, Paramount Home Video, 2004
  • Albums with Others
  • Gypsy (soundtrack), Atlantic, 1993
  • (With the Broadway Kids) Broadway Kids Sing Broadway, Lightyear, c. 1996
  • Music Videos
  • Jeff Bates, "I Wanna Make You Cry," 2004
  • Video Games
  • Voice of Eliza Thornberry, Rugrats Go Wild!, THQ, 2003

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