Curtis Armstrong Biography (1953-)

Born November 27, 1953, in Detroit, MI; son of Robert Leroy and Norma E. (a teacher; maiden name, D'Amico) Armstrong; married Elaine Aronson; children: Lily. Addresses: Agent: Paradigm, 10100 Santa Monica Blvd., 25th Floor,Los Angeles, CA 90067.

Birth Details
November 27, 1953
Detroit, Michigan, United States

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Miles, Risky Business, Warner Bros., 1983
  • Dudley "Booger" Dawson, Tri-Lam, Revenge of the Nerds, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1984
  • Dennis Gladstone, Bad Medicine, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1985
  • Charles De Mar, Better Off Dead, Warner Bros., 1985
  • Goov, The Clan of the Cave Bear, Warner Bros., 1986
  • Ack Ack Raymond, One Crazy Summer, Warner Bros., 1986
  • Booger, Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1987
  • (Uncredited) Arcadia Bible Academy recruiter, How I Got into College, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1989
  • Country Jake, The Adventures of Huck Finn (also known as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn), Buena Vista, 1993
  • Public Enemy #2, 1993
  • Clark, Big Bully, Morgan Creek, 1996
  • Pastry chef, Spy Hard, 1996
  • Chain smoking booster, Jingle All the Way, 1996
  • Man in diner, Border to Border, Independent Artist, 1998
  • (Scenes deleted) Bulldog Drummond, Shanghai Noon, Buena Vista, 2000
  • Gale Force, Artisan Entertainment, 2002
  • Campus cop, Van Wilder (also known as Van Wilder: Party Liaison, National Lampoon's Van Wilder, and Party Animals-wilder geht's nicht), 2002
  • Brodrick Dooley, Irish Eyes, 2002
  • Dexter, Quigley, Destiny Worldwide Entertainment, Inc., 2003
  • Herb Cohen, My Dinner with Jimi, 2003
  • Zamboni, Big Time, 2003
  • Ozwald Rosencrantz, The Bar, 2003
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Herbert Quentin Viola, Moonlighting, ABC, 1986-1989
  • Voice of Scooter (II), Eek! The Cat (animated; also known as Eek! and the Terrible Thunderlizards and Eek!stravaganza), 1993-1997
  • Sal the Pig Boy, The Chronicle (also known as News from the Edge), Sci-Fi Channel, 2001-2002
  • Movies
  • Arnold Pishkin, Hi Honey, I'm Dead, Fox, 1991
  • Dudley "Booger" Dawson, Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation, Fox, 1992
  • Dudley "Booger" Dawson, Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love, Fox, 1994
  • Ben Ollinger, L.A. Johns, 1997
  • Farley Hall, Elvis Meets Nixon, 1997
  • Bert Miller, Safety Patrol (also known as Disney's Safety Patrol and Safety Patrol!), 1998
  • Keach, Project Viper, 2002
  • Jerry the butler, Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam andBurt, CBS, 2003
  • Also appeared in Country Comfort.
  • Specials
  • Barry Delbert, Public Enemy Number 2, Showtime, 1991
  • Tom, "The Parsley Garden," ABC Weekend Specials, ABC, 1992
  • Alvin Gershowitz, Sex, Shock and Censorship in the 90s, Showtime,1993
  • Pilots
  • Lloyd, Grant & Lee, CBS, 1996
  • Sal the Pig Boy, The Chronicle, Sci-Fi Channel, 2001
  • Vince Marinelli, Titletown, Fox, 2003
  • Episodic
  • Yale Pinhaus, "The Return of Yale Pinhaus," Grand, NBC, 1990
  • Elliot, "Rootless People," Murphy Brown, CBS, 1990
  • "Toby or Not Toby," Dream On, 1991
  • Eric Easton, "Water, Water, Everywhere," Mann and Machine, syndicated, 1992
  • Himself (Miles), "Home Alone with Annie," Parker Lewis Can't Lose,syndicated, 1992
  • Samuel Wayne, "Friday the 13th," Sirens, ABC, 1993
  • Charlie, "How Can I Call You My Ex-Husbands If You Won't Go Away?," Cybill, CBS, 1995
  • B. B. Rantzer, "Fast Forward," M.A.N.T.I.S., Fox, 1995
  • Albie Swinson, "Resurrection," Lois & Clark: The New Adventures ofSuperman, 1995
  • Morton Freberger, "All-American Murder," Diagnosis Murder, CBS, 1995
  • Tom, "Give Me Equity or Give Me Death," Ellen, ABC, 1996
  • Harvey, "Suddenly Susan Unplugged," Suddenly Susan, NBC, 1996
  • Gordie, "Geek Like Me," Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, 1996
  • Bart Brookman, "Room 17," The Hunger, 1997
  • Dr. Russell Conn, "Again with the Laster Surgery," Alright Already, 1997
  • Mitch Beeber, "Remember?," The Love Boat: The Next Wave, 1998
  • Jimmy G., "Repentance," Brimstone, 1998
  • Charlie Fielding, "True Believers," L.A. Doctors, CBS, 1999
  • Danny, "Connections," Felicity, The WB, 1999
  • Danny, "The Force," Felicity, The WB, 1999
  • Danny, "Felicity Was Here," Felicity, The WB, 1999
  • Ken Fretts, "Episode I: The Baby Menace," 3rd Rock from the Sun, NBC, 1999
  • Counsel Fallow, "Over the Rainbow," Ally McBeal, Fox, 2000
  • Voice of Warren, "Payback," Batman Beyond (animated), The WB, 2000
  • Barry Donovan, "Radio Daze," That 70's Show, Fox, 2001
  • Mr. Cheswick, "The Stars Align," Ed, NBC, 2001
  • Rodney, "Diagnosis Val," V.I.P., 2002
  • Mr. Cheswick, "Youth Bandits," Ed, NBC, 2002
  • The punisher, "Crime & Punishment," Crossing Jordan, NBC, 2002
  • Curtis, "Welcome to the Working Week," Grounded for Life, 2003
  • Stage Appearances
  • The Corn Is Green, Meadow Brook Theatre, Rochester, MI, 1977
  • The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial, Meadow Brook Theatre, 1978
  • The boy, The Irish Hebrew Lesson, Colonnades Theatre Lab, New YorkCity, 1980
  • Cooney, Guests of the Nation, Colonnades Theatre Lab, 1980
  • The Life of Galileo, Pittsburgh Public Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA, 1981
  • Moliere in Spite of Himself, Hartman Theatre Company, Stamford, CT, 1981
  • The reporter, How I Got That Story, Attic Theatre, Detroit, MI, 1983
  • Present Laughter, Meadow Brook Theatre, 1985
  • Lord Fancourt Babberley, Charley's Aunt, Totem Pole Playhouse, Fayetteville, PA, 1990
  • Also appeared off-Broadway in El hermano; in regional productionsof Dracula, Arsenic and Old Lace and A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • Major Tours
  • Young Charlie, Da, U.S. cities, 1979-1980
  • Video Games
  • Voice, Vampire: The Masquerade, 2000
  • Albums
  • Coproducer of the 1999 CD reissue of Harry Nilsson's Pussy Cats.

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