Klaus Kinski Biography (c. 1926-)

Born Nikolaus Gunther Nakszynski (one source transliterates name as NicolausNaksznski), October 18, 1926 (one source cites 1928), in Sopot, Danzig (now Poland); died November 23, in Lagunitas, CA. Actor.

Kinski will be remembered for his performances in both foreign and domestic films, which total more than one hundred and eighty. His career began on the German stage, where he worked after serving in the German army in World War II. He eventually drifted into film roles, including parts in Italian "Spaghetti Westerns" such as For a Few Dollars More. In the early seventies Kinski accepted the starring . Kinski would later act in Herzog's Nosferatu,the Vampire, Woyzeck, and Fitzcarraldo. Praised for his ability toaccurately convey such human conditions as insanity, pathos, and megalomania, Kinski became a favorite of critics. In 1982 he moved to America and beganmaking films. Among the many American films he has made are Creature, Loveand Money, and The Little Drummer Girl, for which he received high critical praise. In addition to his film work, Kinski also appeared on several television programs, including HBO's anthology series The Hitchhiker. He also directed and starred in Paganini.

Birth Details
October 18, c. 1926
Sopot, Poland
Death Details
November 23,
Lagunitas, California, United States

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