Linwood G. Dunn Biography (1904-1998)

Full name, Linwood Gale Dunn; born December 27, 1904, in Brooklyn, NY; died of cancer, May 20, 1998, in Burbank, CA; married Alice; children: Nancy, Pamela, Gayle, Judy. Career: Special effects technician and optical photographer. Projectionist, New York City, 1923-25; assistant camera operator, Pathe, New York then Hollywood, 1925-29; International Photographers Guild, founder, 1928; RKO Radio Pictures, cinematographer and head of photographic effects department, 1929-56; designed special-effects photographic equipment for Eastman Kodak and the U.S. armed forces during World War II; Film Effects of Hollywood, founder and president, 1946-80; also founded the Technology Councilof the Motion Picture and Television Industry. Member: Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (board member), American Society of Cinematographers (president twice, treasurer, board member for 25 years). Awards, Honors: Academy Award, technical achievement award, 1945 (with Cecil Love);Academy Award nomination, best visual effects, 1966, for Hawaii; EmmyAward, best photographic special effects, 1967, for Star Trek(with Darrell Anderson and Joseph Westheimer); Academy Award, Medal of Commendation, 1979 (with Loren L. Ryder and Waldon O. Watson); Academy Award (Scientific orTechnical), 1980 (with Cecil Love and Acme Tool and Manufacturing Company); Academy Award, Gordon E. Sawyer Award, 1984; American Society of Cinematographers, lifetime achievement award, 1990; National Cinephile Society, lifetime achievement award, 1992; Golden Hugo Award, Chicago Film Festival; honorary doctorate, San Francisco Art Institute.

Special effects technician, Optical photographer
Birth Details
December 27, 1904
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Death Details
May 20, 1998
Burbank, California, United States

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