Bob Allen Biography (1906-)

Born Irvine E. Theodore Baehr, March 28, 1906, in Mount Vernon, NY; son of Eugene Blasius (an importer and manufacturer) and Katherine (Braun) Baehr; married Evelyn Peirce (an actress and real estate broker), January 2, 1932; children: Katherine, Robert E. Theodore. Addresses: OFFICE--Two Summit Court, Oyster Bay, NY 11771.

Birth Details
March 28, 1906
Mount Vernon, New York, United States

Famous Works

  • The Quarterback, Paramount, 1926.
  • Animal Crackers, Paramount, 1926.
  • Revenge Rider, Columbia, 1934.
  • Law Beyond the Range, Columbia, 1934.
  • Fighting Shadows, Columbia, 1934.
  • "Range Rider" Series, Columbia, 1936-37: The Unknown Ranger, Ranger Courage, Rio Grande Ranger, Law of the Range, The Ghost Ranger, The Rangers Step In.Also appeared in Big Business Girl, Party Husband, Reckless Hour, and NightNurse, all 1931; Menace and Winner Take All, both 1932; The Captain Hates the Sea, 1934; White Lies, Death Flies East, Crime and Punishment, Love Me Forever, Party Wire, Guard That Girl, and The Black Room, all 1935; Lady of Secrets and Craig's Wife, both 1936; The Awful Truth, 1937; Holiday and Kentucky both 1938; Winter Carnival, 1939; Jealousy and Pride of the Marines, both 1945; Perils of Pauline, 1947; Bodyguard, 1948; Brimstone, the Amish Horse, BuenaVista, 1949.
  • Appeared in: Guard That Girl; Race Track; Air Fury; Fighting Squadron; Air Hawks; I'll Love You Always; Meet the Girls; Life of Lafayette; Keep Smiling; Up the River; City of Chance; Everybody's Baby; Fighting Thoroughbreds; Fire Away; the Judge, Lenny Bruce, Dirty Mouth; as Vermont father, Pie in the Sky; as Arizona lawyer, Arizona Slim; title role, Fire Away, the Story of Trotter, for Paramount, and recently Raiders of the Living Dead, 1986.
  • STAGE DEBUT--Dartmouth Players, Dartmouth College Theatre, 1924.
  • Standby for Melvyn Douglas, Time Out for Ginger.
  • bellhop, standby for Roger Pryor, Blessed Event.
  • lead, A Few Wild Oats.
  • lead, Popsy.
  • B.K. Froy, I Killed the Count, Cort Theatre.
  • Turbill, Kiss Them for Me, Belasco Theatre.
  • Steve, Show Boat, Ziegfeld Theatre.
  • Mr. Babcock, Auntie Mame.
  • Judson Morgan, Whoopee, American National Theatre Academy, 1980.
  • Regional and stock: J.B. Biggley, How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, Equity Library Theatre, 1972.
  • John Graham Whitfield, Night of January 16th, McAlpin Theatre.
  • Penthouse Legend, MacAlpin Rooftop Theatre, 1973.
  • Laughing Feather, 73rd Street Stage, 1975.
  • Mornings at Seven, Syracuse Repertory Theatre, NY, 1975.
  • Judson Morgan, Whoopee, Goodspeed Opera House, East Hadam, CT, 1979.
  • Also appeared on stage in: Papa Is All; Jeannie; Pygmalion; Elmer the Great; The Show Off; The Hottentot; Cupcake; It's a Wise Child; That Ferguson Family; Finale; Goodbye Again; Coquette; Her Cardboard Lover; The Party's Over;Monna Vanna; Adam, the Creator; The Second Mrs. Tanqueray; The Late Christopher Bean; Baby Cyclone; Counsellor at Law; As Husbands Go; Unexpected Husband; Children of the Moon; Penny Arcade; Left Bank; There's Always Juliet; Holiday; Criminal at Large; Vinegar Tree; Church Mouse; Who'll Take Papa; The Bride the Sun Shines On; The Cat and the Canary; Junior Miss; Janie; Kiss and Tell; Society Girl; The Petrified Forest; Brief Holiday; Watch on the Rhine; TheShining Threshold and as Dr.
  • Benderley in Portrait of a Teacher.
  • Credits; MAJOR TOURS
  • U.S. cities: Bert Jefferson, The Man Who Came to Dinner, Biltmore Theatre, Los Angeles and Curran Theatre, San Francisco, 1939-40.
  • The Greeks Had a Word for It.
  • Harry Graves, Junior Miss.
  • Colonel H.C. Foley, Over 21.
  • Dr. Shelby, Blind Alley.
  • the Boss, Time for Elizabeth.
  • Harold, Ethel and Albert, NBC.
  • Also General Blair, First Love, Judge Parker, The Greatest Gift, Dr. Wayland, Fairmeadows, U.S.A., and Pritchard, Atom Squad.
  • Credits; EPISODIC
  • Kraft Theatre, NBC.
  • Lux Playhouse, CBS.
  • Armstrong Circle Theatre, NBC.
  • Philco Television Playhouse, NBC.
  • Theatre of the Mind, NBC, 1949.
  • Pulitzer Prize Playhouse, ABC.
  • The Web, CBS.
  • Plainclothesman, DuMont.
  • Danger, CBS.
  • Suspense, CBS.
  • Judge Bishop, Somerset, NBC.
  • Also Hollywood Doctor, Lamp Unto My Feet, and The First Hundred Years.

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