Rouben Mamoulian Biography (1897-1987)

Born October 8, 1897, in Tiflis, Russia; came to the United States, 1923, naturalized citzen, 1930; died of natural causes, December 4, 1987, in WoodlandHills, CA; son of Zachary (a banker) and Virginia (an actress and producer; maiden name, Kalantarian) Mamoulian; married Azadia Newman (a painter), February 12, 1945.

CTFT notes that among the list of significant developments in the film industry pioneered by Rouben Mamoulian are two track sound recording in Applause, utilizing the camera to create a first-person point of view in Dr. Jekyll andMr. Hyde, and the first use of Technicolor in a full-length motion picture inBecky Sharp.

Russian, American
Birth Details
October 8, 1897
Tiflis, Russia
Death Details
December 4, 1987
Woodland Hills, California, United States

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