Walter Jacobsen Charles Biography (1945-)

Addresses: Agent: Baldwin-Scully, Inc., 501 Fifth Ave., New York, NY,10017.

"The other great love of my life is classical music. I started out as a pianist, and still play for my own amusement--and the amusement of my friends, I might add. I support several musical organizations, especially Carnegie Hall.Great music goes directly to the emotions, more than any other art, in my view. I still remember being thrilled when I read that John Gielgud orchestratedhis great readings of Shakespeare.... Having recently purchased a country house, I've become increasingly concerned with environmental issues, and I'm passionately supportive of all attempts to clean up the water, air, andprotect as much of our wildlife as possible."

Birth Details
April 4, 1945
Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

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