Don Gregory Biography (1934-)

Born December 3, 1934, in New York, NY; married Sharon Kaye Romain (a fashioncoordinator), June 11, 1981; children: Stephanie, David.

Don Gregory earlier told CTFT: "The pursuit of excellence, the chance to workwith some of the most creative people of our time, the opportunity to be part of the ongoing process of theatre and what good theatre can mean to everyone, to leave a legacy of a body of work which would live far beyond me--all this provides the motivation to produce. Regarding causes, the only subjects that interest me are the ones that are not temporary, such as the quest for cures for disease. Political causes in general seem too expedient for me.

"I believe the lack of education is the cause of most of the world's ills."

Birth Details
December 3, 1934
New York, New York, United States

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