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See index for CTFT sketch: Born November 24, 1912, in Rochester, NY; died of heart failure on March 13, 1999, in Manhattan, NY. Director, producer,playwright, and author. Kanin wrote and directed many plays and movie hits.He created Born Yesterday, which catapulted July Holliday to stardom and won her an Academy Award. Kanin also worked with his wife (the actress Ruth Gordon) to produce several screenplays that featured Katharine Hepburn andSpencer Tracy. Kanin worked in an Army film unit during the Second World War.Prior to the war he held a number of different jobs and got his start in theentertainment industry by taking small parts in plays. He later wrote fourteen books and published articles and short stories. The author's publications include Smash(1980), Together Again(1981), and Cordelia(1982).


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