Yanna Kroyt Brandt Biography (1933-)

Born Yanna Kroyt in Berlin, Germany; daughter of Boris (a concert artist) andSonya (Blumin) Kroyt; married Nathan H. Brandt, Jr. (an editor and writer); children: Anthony Kroyt, Ariane Leonovna and (stepchild) Kevin.Addresses: HOME--Twelve E. Twelfth Street, New York, NY 10011. AGENT--Helen Shabason

Yanna Kroyt Brandt's career in television began in 1954, as an assistant on the foreign news desk at CBS News. She has written for Redbook, Readers Digestand The New York Times in the fields of medicine, psychiatry, welfare, and travel, as well as editing World Week magazine from 1955-57, a weekly for highschool current events classes. She speaks Russian, French, and Spanish.


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