le Clanché du Rand Biography (1941-)

Addresses: Agent: Bruce Savin, c/o Agency for the Performing Arts, 888Seventh Avenue, New York, NY, 10106.

"To have come from the African bush to Berkeley in the Sixties, was an education in itself and one that changed my life forever. I have acted in many of the regional theatres in America as well as Broadway and off and off-off Broadway.... I studied Balinese dance and drama in Indonesia which caused a radical change in my viewpoint towards theatre which I have since considered as a holy art ... of personal transformation.... I view my basic training as an actor to have taken place as an actor in the theatre and through observing the best actors of our time. Except for vocal speech and physical training, I don't think there is much one can teach in an acting class. I believe that besides talent and soul, an actor needs a keen sense of aesthetic discrimination."

actress, writer, teacher
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August 12, 1941
Mafeking, South Africa

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