Mia Farrow Biography (1945-)

Full name, Maria de Lourdes Villiers Farrow; born February 9, 1945 (some sources say 1946), in Los Angeles, CA; daughter of John Villiers Farrow (a film director) and Maureen Paula O'Sullivan (an actress); married Frank Sinatra(a singer, actor, producer, and director), July 19, 1966 (divorced, 1968); married Andre Previn (an orchestra conductor, composer, musician, musical director, music supervisor, and actor), September 10, 1970 (divorced, February, 1979); companion of Woody Allen (an actor, director, and writer), 1981-92; children: (second marriage) Matthew Phineas and Sascha Villiers (twins), Fletcher, Lark Song, Summer Song (also known as Daisy), Soon Yi; (with Woody Allen)Satchel O'Sullivan (later known as Seamus), Dylan (later known as Eliza),Gigi Misha, Tam, Moses Amadeus (also known as Misha), Isaiah Justus, GabrielWilk, Thaddeus W., Kaeli-Shea, Frankie-Minh. Addresses: Agent: Judy Hofflund, Hofflund/Polone Management, Los Angeles, CA.

Actress, song performer
Birth Details
February 9, 1945
Los Angeles, California, United States

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