Clive Swift Biography (1936-)

Full name, Clive Walter Swift; born February 9, 1936, in Liverpool, England;son of Abram Sampson and Lily Rebecca (Greenman) Swift; married Margaret Drabble (a writer), June, 1960 (divorced, 1975); children: Adam Richard George, Rebecca Margaret, Joseph. Addresses: AGENT--Prestige Talent Agency, Bugle House, 21-A Noel Street, London W1V 3PD, England.

Birth Details
February 9, 1936
Liverpool, England

Famous Works

  • Credits
  • STAGE DEBUT--Dr. Bushtact, Take the Fool Away, Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham, U.K., 1959.
  • Elvet Cross, The Big Breaker, Prospect Theatre Company, Belgrade Theatre,Coventry, U.K., 1965.
  • Henry Straker, Man and Superman, Arts Theatre, then Vaudeville Theatre later Garrick Theatre, all London, 1965.
  • Canton, The Clandestine Marriage, and Michepain, The Fighting Cock, bothChichester Festival Theatre, Chichester, U.K., 1966.
  • Winston, The Young Churchill, Phoenix Theatre, Leicester, U.K., then Duchess Theatre, London, both 1969.
  • Bob Acres, The Rivals, Chichester Festival Theatre, 1971.
  • Lapinet, Dear Antoine, Chichester Festival Theatre, then Piccadilly Theatre, London, both 1971.
  • Robert, The Two of Me, Jeannetta Cochrane Theatre, London, 1975.
  • the chairman, Dirty Linen, Arts Theatre, London, 1976.
  • Hudson, Inadmissible Evidence, Royal Court Theatre, London, 1978.
  • Baron Hardup, Cinderella, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, U.K., 1978.
  • James Turney, All Together Now, Haymarket Theatre, Leicester, U.K., 1979.
  • Also appeared as Cloten, Cymbeline, Pompey, Measure for Measure, Fluellen, Henry V, Falstaff, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Parolles, All's Well That Ends Well, porter, Macbeth, Oswald, King Lear, Inspector Voss, The Physicists,and sewerman, The Devils, all with the Royal Shakespeare Company, 1960-68; inthe title role, King Lear, New Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent, U.K; in TheSisterhood, New End Theatre, London; An Enemy of the People, Young Vic Theatre, then Playhouse Theatre, both London; The Potsdam Quartet, Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, London; Roll on Four O'Clock, Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, then Palace Theatre, London; Messiah, Aldwych Theatre, London; The Genius, Royal Court Theatre; The Trial of Queen Caroline, English Chamber Theatre, Malvern Festival; The Tempest, The Poacher's Tale, Richard III, Ivanov, and The Oz Obscenity Trial, all Prospect Theatre Company; and in Four Quartets (recital), Manchester, Gorzedale, and Cheltenham Theatre Festivals, all U.K.
  • Director, The Wild Goose Chase and The Lower Depths, both London Academyof Music and Dramatic Arts, London, 1970.
  • producer, The Two of Me, Jeannetta Cochrane Theatre, 1975.
  • Credits; MAJOR TOURS
  • Caliban, The Tempest, and Isaac Hooker, The Gamecock, Prospect Theatre Company, U.K. cities, 1966.
  • Also appeared in The Hollow Crown, Royal Shakespeare Company, U.S.
  • cities, 1975; and The Apple Cart, U.K. cities.
  • Duffle, Having a Wild Weekend (also known as Catch Us If You Can), WarnerBrothers, 1965.
  • Snug, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Eagle, 1969.
  • Johnny Porter, Frenzy, Universal, 1972.
  • Inspector Richardson, Deathline (also known as Raw Meat), American International, 1973.
  • Massey, Man at the Top, Anglo-EMI, 1973.
  • Ash, The National Health, or Nurse Norton's Affair, Columbia, 1973.
  • Reverend Pottock, The Sailor's Return, Osprey, 1978.
  • D.G. Rossetti, News from Nowhere, Concord Film Council, 1978.
  • Mr. Chubb, The Great Train Robbery (also known as The First Great Train Robbery), United Artists, 1979.
  • Ector, Excalibur, Warner Brothers, 1981.
  • magistrate, Memed My Hawk, Focus, 1984.
  • Major Callendar, A Passage to India, Columbia, 1984.
  • Also appeared in The Brides of Fu Manchu, Anglo-Amalgamated/Seven Arts, 1966; Machines for the Suppression of Time, Concord Film Council, 1980; A Fineand Private Place, Associated British; and The Voyage of the Ark, Alister Hallum.
  • PRINCIPAL TELEVISION APPEARANCES; MINI-SERIES Alec Pimkin, First Among Equals, Granada, 1985, then PBS, 1987.
  • Dr. Bartlett, "The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn," Inspector Morse, Zenith Productions, 1986, then Mystery, PBS, 1988.
  • R.P. Croom Johnson, Cause Celebre, Anglia Television, 1987, then Mystery,PBS, 1988.
  • Also Barchester Chronicles, BBC, 1982; "Winston Churchill--The WildernessYears," Southern Television, then Masterpiece Theatre, PBS.
  • Credits; EPISODIC
  • Omnibus, BBC, 1976.
  • Play for Today, BBC, 1976.
  • Playhouse, BBC, 1977.
  • Play of the Week, BBC, 1977.
  • Bless Me Father, London Weekend Television (LWT), 1978.
  • Play of the Week (two episodes), BBC, 1979.
  • The Book Programme, BBC, 1980.
  • Dr. Who--Revelations of the Dalecks, BBC, 1984.
  • A Very Peculiar Practice, BBC, 1987.
  • Armchair Theatre, ABC (U.K.).
  • Misfit, Number Five, ATV.
  • The Frighteners, Number Five, LWT.
  • Horizon, BBC.
  • Playhouse, BBC.
  • Play for Today, BBC.
  • Credits; PLAYS
  • Thomas Percy, Earl of Worcester, Henry IV, Part One, BBC, 1978, then TheShakespeare Plays, PBS, 1980.
  • Also Romeo and Juliet, Thames, 1976; The Potsdam Quartet, BBC, 1980; Pericles, BBC, 1983; "King Lear," South Bank Show, LWT, 1986; Roll on Four O'Clock, Granada.
  • Credits; SPECIALS
  • Ellis, "Pack of Lies," Hallmark Hall of Fame, CBS, 1987.
  • Also appeared in New Horizons, BBC, 1975; The Brothers, BBC, 1976; Beasts, ATV, 1976; Ogden Nash, BBC, 1976; The Game, BBC, 1976; Goodbye America, BBC, 1976; Queen Victoria's Scandals, Granada, 1976; The Trial and Death of Jesus, BBC, 1977; Jackanory Playhouse, BBC, 1977; Send in the Girls, Granada, 1977; 1990, BBC, 1977; Hazell and the Baker Street Sleuth, Thames, 1978; Shadows, Thames, 1978;A Horseman Riding By, BBC, 1978; A Family Affair, BBC, 1979; ACase of Spirits, Granada, 1979; In Loving Memory, Yorkshire Television (YTV), 1979; The Casebook of Dr. Jekyll, BBC, 1979; The Nesbitts Are Coming, YTV,1979; Yours Sincerely, BBC, 1980; The British in Germany, BBC, 1980; Strangerin Town, Anglia Television, 1981; Funeral Director, BBC, 1981; Lucky Jim, BBC, 1981; The Gentle Touch, LWT, 1982; Portrait of Newton, Central Television(CTV), 1982; Martin Luther, BBC, 1983; Pickwick Papers, BBC, 1984; Motive forMurder: Such Sweet Thunder, BBC, 1984; The Shakespeare Project, BBC, 1985; Black Silk, BBC, 1985; What Mad Pursuit, BBC, 1985; Journey's End, BBC, 1988;The Coffin, Granada, 1988; Hard Cases, CTV, 1988; Echoes, BBC, 1988; Laura and Disorder, BBC, 1988; Minder, Euston Films, 1988; Gentlemen and Players, TVS, 1988; Court Martial, BBC; Love Story, ATV; Compact, BBC; The Company of Eight, BBC; Bury the Dead, BBC; Knock on Any Door, ATV; Tempo, ABC (U.K.); Public Eye, ABC (U.K.); The East End Three, BBC; The Movies, BBC; Birthday, BBC; The Expert,BBC; Canterbury Tales, BBC; Mad Jack, BBC; Ryan International, BBC;Waugh on Crime, BBC; The Stalls of Barchester, BBC; Can You Prove That, BBC;The Liver Birds, BBC; The Moon Shines Bright on Charlie Chaplin, BBC; A Warning to the Curious--Clive Swift, Esq., BBC; Dead of Night, BBC; Villains, LWT; The Pearcross Girls, BBC; South Riding,YTV; Clayhanger, ATV; Willow Cabins,YTV; Whodunnit?, Thames; The Exorcist; and Home Movies.
  • Writings;STAGE
  • (Adaptor) The Lower Depths, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, 1970.
  • co-devisor, All Together Now, Haymarket Theatre, 1979.
  • Writings;OTHER
  • The Job of Acting, Harrap, 1976, revised 1985.
  • The Performing World of the Actor, Hamish Hamilton, 1981.

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Sep 3, 2011 @ 12:12 pm
Please start Clive Swift in a new British Comedy. He is a very funny man who has much to offer without being overshadowed by Patricia Rutledge.

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