Jan Hartman Biography (1938-)

Born May 23, 1938, in Stockholm, Sweden; came to U.S., 1938, naturalized citizen, 1948; son of Robert Schirokauer (a philosopher) and Rita D. (Emanuel) Hartman; married Lorie Selz (a writer and teacher), June 9, 1960; children: Katherine Emanuel, Tanya Elizabeth. Addresses: HOME--New York, NY. AGENT--c/o Robert A. Freedman Dramatic Agency and Brandt & Brandt Literary Agency, 1501 Broadway, Suite 2310, New York, NY 10036; c/o Robin Lowe, MLR Ltd.,200 Fulham Road, London SW10 9PN, England.

Birth Details
May 23, 1938
Stockholm, Sweden

Famous Works

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