Marian Seldes Biography (1928-)

Surname is pronounced Sell-dess; full name, Marian Hall Seldes; born August 23, 1928, in New York, NY; daughter of Gilbert (a journalist, author, and editor) and Alice (maiden name, Hall) Seldes; niece of George Seldes (a journalist); married Julian Arnold Claman (a director and producer), November 3, 1953(divorced, 1961); married Garson Kanin (a writer, director, producer, and actor), June 19, 1990 (died, March 13, 1999); children: (first marriage) Katharine Claman. Addresses: Agent: Don Buchwald and Associates, 10 East 44thSt., New York, NY 10017.; Contact: Scott Supak, Bald Mountain Press, P.O. Box 3214, Canyon Country, CA 91351.

Actress, director, writer
Birth Details
August 23, 1928
New York, New York

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