Dean Cain Biography (1966-)

Original name, Dean George Tanaka; born July 31, 1966, in Mount Clemens, MI;son of Roger Tanaka and Sharon Thomas (an actress; also known as Sharon SarahCain); adopted son of Christopher Cain (a director); children: (with Samantha Torres, an actress) Christopher Dean.

Actor, director, producer
Birth Details
July 31, 1966
Mount Clemens, Michigan, United States

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Joe, Charlie and the Talking Buzzard, 1979
  • Eugene Hillerman, The Stone Boy, 1984
  • Guy in bar, Going Under, 1990
  • First volleyball player, Miracle Beach, 1992
  • Host, Touchdown: Football Goes to the Movies, 1993
  • Cameo appearance, Eating Las Vegas, 1997
  • Sergeant Buzz Thomas, Best Men, Orion Pictures Entertainment, 1997
  • Tony Moran, Rag and Bone, 1997
  • Bob Valenz, No Alibi, Studio Home Entertainment, 2000
  • Clay, Flight of Fancy, DMG Entertainment, 2000
  • Cole, The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy, Screen Gems/SonyPictures Classics/Sony Pictures Entertainment, 2000
  • Ethan Carter, Militia, Avalanche Home Entertainment/Cinetel Films,2000
  • General Murran, For the Cause, Dimension Films, 2000
  • Robert Trenton, New Alcatraz, Cell Block Productions/New City Releasing, 2000
  • Lee Ramsey, Dark Descent (also known as Descent into Darkness), United Film Organization, 2001
  • Max Hooper, Firetrap, PM Entertainment Group, 2001
  • Shawn, Rat Race, Paramount, 2001
  • Simon Tate, Phase IV, American Cinema International, 2001
  • Voice of Donner, A Christmas Adventure from a Book Called Wisely's Tales, Columbia/TriStar Home Video, 2001
  • Film Work
  • Producer
  • Rag and Bone, 1997
  • (With others) Firetrap, PM Entertainment Group, 2001
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Rick, a recurring role, Beverly Hills, 90210, Fox, 1992
  • Clark Jerome Kent/Superman, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (also known as Lois & Clark and The New Adventures of Superman), ABC, 1993-1997
  • Host, Ripley's Believe It or Not, TBS, 1999-?
  • Movies
  • Julian Taylor, Dogboys (also known as Tracked), The Movie Channel, 1998
  • Tre Ramzey, Futuresport, ABC, 1998
  • Sheriff Frank Richards, The Runaway, CBS, 2000
  • Specials
  • Science Fiction: A Journey into the Unknown (documentary; also known as The Museum of Television and Radio Presents: Science Fiction, a Journey into the Unknown), 1995
  • Episodic
  • Kimo, "Corky and the Dolphins," Life Goes On, ABC, 1990
  • "In Vino Veritas," Christine Cromwell: Things That Go Bump in the Night (also known as The ABC Saturday Mystery), ABC, 1990
  • Eddie, "Just Another Four-Letter Word," A Different World, NBC, 1992
  • "The Janice and Brian Story," Grapevine, CBS, 1992
  • Himself, "Mommy Not Dearest," Living Single, Fox, 1995
  • King Charlemagne, "Integrity," Adventures from the Book of Virtues, PBS, 1998
  • Sam, "Innocent," Fantasy Island, ABC, 1999
  • Chris, "Maya Stops Thinking," Just Shoot Me, NBC, 2001
  • Appeared in episodes of other series, including The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (also known as The Daily Show), Comedy Central.
  • Other
  • Matt, The Flow, 2001
  • Television Work
  • Producer; Series
  • Ripley's Believe It or Not, TBS, 1999-?
  • Director and Executive Producer; Specials
  • Off Camera with Dean Cain, ABC, 1995
  • Music Videos
  • Appeared as a motorcycle rider in "Carrying Your Love with Me," by GeorgeStrait.
  • Music Videos; Director
  • "The Other Side of This Kiss," by Mindy McCready, 1998
  • Director of other music videos, including "Papa Bear," by Keith Harling;and "You'll Never Know," by Mindy McCready.
  • Teleplays
  • Specials
  • Off Camera with Dean Cain, ABC, 1995
  • Episodic
  • "Seasons Greedings," Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (also known as Lois & Clark and The New Adventures of Superman), ABC, 1994
  • "Virtually Destroyed," Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (also known as Lois & Clark and The New Adventures of Superman), ABC, 1995

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