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See index for CTFT sketch: Born September 11, 1926, in Chicago, IL; died of cardiac arrest resulting from complications from a perforated ulcer, October 2, 1999, in New York, NY. Actor. Richardson performed on the stage formore than forty years and in 1973 received an Antoinette Perry Award nomination for his performance in Vivat! Vivat Regina! Having appeared in numerous roles requiring an English accent, Richardson was often mistaken for being British. After serving in the Army Air Corps during World War II and studying prelaw at Loyola University, Richardson enrolled in the Goodman Theatre School in Chicago. In the early 1950s he headed to New York, where he appearedin an off-Broadway production of Summer and Smoke by Tennessee Williams. It was also in the 1950s that Richardson began working in television, andhe was seen in the drama anthologies Playhouse 90 and Studio One more than 250 times. After performing with George C. Scott in The Merchant of Venice in Central Park in 1962, Richardson moved to Minneapolis, MN, and was a founding member of the Guthrie Theatre. There he appeared in Hamlet and Death of a Salesman and worked with actors Hume Cronynand Jessica Tandy. Richardson later worked with the American Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, CT, before returning to the stage in New York City, where he was featured in productions of The Texas Trilogy, Father's Day, and Vivat! Vivat Regina! Not only did Richardson work in theatre but he also appeared in several of Sidney Lumet's motion pictures, including Prince of the City and A Stranger Among Us. Richardson also had a role in John Huston's film Prizzi's Honor. Richardson's voice was featured in more than a hundred television commercials.


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