John Braine Biography (1922-1986)

Full name, John Gerard Braine; born April 13, 1922, in Bradford, Yorkshire, England; died of a burst stomach ulcer in London, October 28, 1986; son of Fred and Katherine (Henry) Braine; married Helen Patricia Wood, 1955; children:Anthony, Frances, Felicity. Addresses: AGENT--David Higham Associates,Ltd., 5-8 Lower John Street, Golden Square, London W1R 4HA, England.

John Braine was a leading figure in the British group of writers known as the"Angry Young Men." The common theme for this group was disenchantment with the traditional British class system. In an interview given in the 1970s, Braine said, "Let this be my epitaph: As a writer, I never tried to please anybody but myself."

Birth Details
April 13, 1922
Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Death Details
October 28, 1986
London, England

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