Lionel Newman Biography (1916-1989)

Born January 4, 1916, in New Haven, CT; died of cardiac arrest, February 3, 1989, in Los Angeles, CA; married Beverly Carroll; children: three daughters.

Birth Details
January 4, 1916
New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Death Details
February 3, 1989
Los Angeles, California, United States

Famous Works

  • Credits
  • FILM WORK; ALL AS MUSIC DIRECTOR,UNLESS INDICATED Son of Frankenstein, Universal, 1939.
  • Bill and Coo, Republic, 1947.
  • Kiss of Death and Nightmare Alley, both Twentieth Century-Fox, 1947.
  • Apartment for Peggy, Cry of the City, Deep Waters, Give My Regards to Broadway, Green Grass of Wyoming, Luck of the Irish, Road House, Scudda-Hoo! Scudda-Hay! (also known as Summer Lightining), The Street with No Name, That Wonderful Urge, Walls of Jericho, and You Were Meant for Me, all Twentieth Century-Fox, 1948.
  • Come to the Stable, Father Was a Fullback, I Was a Male War Bride (also known as You Can't Sleep Here), It Happens Every Spring, Slattery's Hurricane,and Thieves' Highway, all Twentieth Century- Fox, 1949.
  • Cheaper By the Dozen, I'll Get By, Love That Brute, Mister 880, Mother Didn't Tell Me, Stella, Three Came Home, Ticket to Tomahawk, Wabash Avenue, When Willie Comes Marching Home, and Where the Sidewalk Ends, all Twentieth Century-Fox, 1950.
  • As Young As You Feel, Elopement, Fixed Bayonets, Follow the Sun, The Frogmen, Golden Girl, The Guy Who Came Back, Halls of Montezuma,I Can Get It forYou Wholesale (also known as Only the Best), I'd Climb the Highest Mountain,Let's Make It Legal, Love Nest, Meet Me After the Show, The Model and the Marriage Broker, Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell, Rawhide (also known as DesperateSiege), The Secret of Convict Lake, The Thirteenth Letter, and You're in theNavy (also known as U.S.S. Tea Kettle), all Twentieth Century-Fox, 1951.
  • Belles on Their Toes, Deadline--U.S.A. (also known as Deadline), Diplomatic Courier, Dreamboat, The I Don't Care Girl, Les Miserables, Lydia Bailey, Monkey Business, My Pal Gus, My Wife's Best Friend, Night Without Sleep, The Outcasts of Poker Flat, The Pride of St.
  • Louis, Red Skies of Montana (also known as Smoke Jumpers), Return of theTexan, Something for the Birds, and We're Not Married, all Twentieth Century-Fox, 1952.
  • A Blueprint for Murder, Down Among the Sheltering Palms, Gentlemen PreferBlondes, The Girl Next Door, Inferno, Man in the Attic, Mr.
  • Scoutmaster, Niagara, Pickup on South Street, Powder River, The Silver Whip, Taxi, Titanic, and Vicki, all Twentieth Century-Fox, 1953.
  • Broken Lance, Gorilla at Large, Night People, River of No Return, (with Alfred Newman) There's No Business Like Show Business, and Three Young Texans,all Twentieth Century-Fox, 1954.
  • The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing, Good Morning Miss Dove, House of Bamboo, The Racers (also known as Such Men Are Dangerous), Rains of Ranchipur, Seven Cities of Gold, Soldier of Fortune, The View from Pompey's Head (also knownas Secret Interlude), Violent Saturday, White Feather, and How to Be Very, Very Popular, all Twentieth Century-Fox, 1955.
  • The Best Things in Life Are Free, D-Day, the Sixth of June (also known asThe Sixth of June), The Girl Can't Help It, Hilda Crane, The Lieutenant WoreSkirts, On the Threshold of Space, The Revolt of Mamie Stover, Teenage Rebel, and Twenty-Three Paces to Baker Street, all Twentieth Century-Fox, 1956.
  • The Harder They Fall and The Solid Gold Cadillac, both Columbia, 1956.
  • An Affair to Remember, Desk Set (also known as His Other Woman), The Enemy Below, No Down Payment, (with Ramon Hernandez) The Sun Also Rises, The TrueStory of Jesse James (also known as The James Brothers), The Wayward Bus, and Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (also known as Oh! For a Man), all Twentieth Century-Fox, 1957.
  • The Gift of Love, In Love and War, Mardi Gras, The Young Lions, Ten NorthFrederick, Rally 'round the Flag, Boys!, and The Long, Hot Summer, all Twentieth Century-Fox, 1958.
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth, Hound-Dog Man, A Private's Affair, The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker, Say One for Me, The Sound and the Fury, Warlock, and Woman Obsessed, all Twentieth Century-Fox, 1959.
  • North to Alaska, Wake Me When It's Over, and (with Earle H. Hagen) Let'sMake Love, all Twentieth Century-Fox, 1960.
  • music conductor, Cleopatra, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1963.
  • (with Alexander Courage) The Pleasure Seekers, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1964.
  • The Sand Pebbles, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1966.
  • The St. Valentine's Day Massacre and (with Courage) Doctor Dolittle, bothTwentieth Century-Fox, 1967.
  • A Flea in Her Ear and music conductor, Planet of the Apes, both TwentiethCentury-Fox, 1968.
  • (with Lennie Hayton) Hello, Dolly!, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1969.
  • The Salzburg Connection and When Legends Die, both Twentieth Century- Fox, 1972.
  • music conductor, The Omen, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1976.
  • Alien, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1979.
  • The Final Conflict, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1981.
  • music conductor, Cross Creek, Universal, 1983.
  • Unfaithfully Yours, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1984.
  • The Jerry Lewis Show, NBC, 1960.
  • Paris 7000, ABC, 1970.
  • The Most Deadly Game, ABC, 1970-71.
  • The Young Rebels, ABC, 1970-71.
  • Arnie, CBS, 1970-72.
  • M*A*S*H, CBS, 1972-83.
  • The New Adventures of Perry Mason, CBS, 1973-74.
  • Roll Out!, CBS, 1973-74.
  • Planet of the Apes, CBS, 1974.
  • The Swiss Family Robinson, ABC, 1975-76.
  • Loves Me, Loves Me Not, CBS, 1977.
  • Nashville 99, CBS, 1977.
  • Young Dan'l Boone, CBS, 1977.
  • James at Fifteen, NBC, 1977-78.
  • Husbands, Wives, and Lovers, CBS, 1978.
  • W.E.B., NBC, 1978.
  • The Paper Chase, CBS, 1978-79.
  • Billy, CBS, 1979.
  • Trapper John, M.D., CBS, 1979-86.
  • Hagen, CBS, 1980.
  • Breaking Away, ABC, 1980-81.
  • Ladies' Man, CBS, 1980-81.
  • Jessica Novak, CBS, 1981.
  • Manimal, NBC, 1983.
  • Automan, ABC, 1983-84.
  • Masquerade, ABC, 1983-84.
  • Cover Up, CBS, 1984-85.
  • Charlie and Company, CBS, 1985-86.
  • Mr. Belvedere, ABC, 1985-89.
  • MINI-SERIES Jacqueline Susann's "Valley of the Dolls 1981," CBS, 1981.
  • Credits; PILOTS
  • They Call It Murder, NBC, 1971.
  • Big Rose, CBS, 1974.
  • Time Travelers, ABC, 1976.
  • The Fighting Nightingales, CBS, 1978.
  • music director and music conductor, Breaking Away, ABC, 1979.
  • Hunter's Moon, CBS, 1979.
  • Characters, NBC, 1980.
  • Jake's Way, CBS, 1980.
  • Hardcase, NBC, 1981.
  • Norma Rae, NBC, 1981.
  • Rise and Shine, CBS, 1981.
  • Adams House, CBS, 1983.
  • Mr. Mom, ABC, 1984.
  • W*A*L*T*E*R, CBS, 1984.
  • Second Edition, CBS, 1984.
  • In Like Flynn, ABC, 1985.
  • Also Fathers and Sons, 1985.
  • Credits; MOVIES
  • The Challenge, ABC, 1970.
  • Tribes (also known as The Soldier Who Declared Peace), ABC, 1970.
  • music conductor, When Michael Calls, ABC, 1972.
  • Terror on the Beach, CBS, 1973.
  • The Mark of Zorro, ABC, 1974.
  • The Red Badge of Courage, NBC, 1974.
  • A Girl Named Sooner, NBC, 1975.
  • Good Against Evil, ABC, 1977.
  • Murder in Peyton Place, NBC, 1977.
  • Ring of Passion, NBC, 1978.
  • The Day Christ Died, CBS, 1980.
  • Tourist, syndicated, 1980.
  • The Rules of Marriage, CBS, 1982.
  • Tomorrow's Child, ABC, 1982.
  • Blood Feud, syndicated, 1983.
  • Kentucky Woman, CBS, 1983.
  • Ernest Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises," NBC, 1984.
  • Love Thy Neighbor, ABC, 1984.
  • Covenant, NBC, 1985.
  • A Letter to Three Wives, NBC, 1985.
  • Peyton Place: The Next Generaton, NBC, 1985.
  • Credits; SPECIALS
  • The 58th Annual Academy Awards Presentation, ABC, 1986.
  • The 59th Annual Academy Awards Presentation, ABC, 1987.
  • Also Goodbye Charlie, 1985; Sam, 1985; Crazy Dan, 1986.
  • Writings;STAGE
  • Song contributor, Earl Carroll's Vanities.
  • FILM; ALL AS COMPOSER,UNLESS INDICATED Song contributor (with Arthur Quenzer), The Cowboy and the Lady, United Artists, 1938.
  • (with Frank Loesser, Alfred Newman, and Mack Gordon) Johnny Apollo, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1940.
  • song contributor (with Charles Henderson and Harry James), Do You Love Me? (also known as Kitten on the Keys), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1946.
  • song contributor (with David Buttolph, Royal Foster, B.G. "Buddy" DeSylva, Lew Brown, and Ray Henderson) Bill and Coo, Republic, 1947.
  • song contributor (with Dorcas Cochran), Road House, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1948.
  • The Jackpot, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1950.
  • (with Sol Kaplan) Rawhide (also known as Desperate Siege) and song contributor (with Eliot Daniel), Golden Girl, both Twentieth Century- Fox, 1951.
  • Bloodhounds of Broadway and Don't Bother to Knock, both Twentieth Century-Fox, 1952.
  • City of Bad Men, Dangerous Crossing, and The Kid from Left Field, all Twentieth Century-Fox, 1953.
  • The Gambler from Natchez, Princess of the Nile, The Rocketman, The Siegeat Red River (also known as The Siege of Red River), and song contributor (with Ken Darby), River of No Return, all Twentieth Century-Fox, 1954.
  • The Best Things in Life Are Free, The Last Wagon, Love Me Tender, and TheProud Ones, all Twentieth Century-Fox, 1956.
  • The Killer Is Loose and (also song contributor with Carroll Coates)A KissBefore Dying, both United Artists, 1956.
  • Bernardine, The Way to the Gold, and (also song contributor with Coates)Kiss Them for Me, all Twentieth Century-Fox, 1957.
  • The Bravados, Mardi Gras, A Nice Little Bank That Should Be Robbed (alsoknown as How to Rob a Bank), and Sing, Boy, Sing, all Twentieth Century-Fox,1958.
  • Compulsion, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1959.
  • Let's Make Love and North to Alaska, both Twentieth Century-Fox, 1960.
  • Move Over, Darling, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1963.
  • The Pleasure Seekers, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1964.
  • Do Not Disturb, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1965.
  • The Boston Strangler, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1968.
  • (with Lennie Hayton) Hello, Dolly!, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1969.
  • The Great White Hope and Myra Breckinridge, both Twentieth Century- Fox,1970.
  • The Salzburg Connection, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1972.
  • (with Irwin Kostal) The Blue Bird, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1976.
  • Title theme (with Dorcas Cochran) Adventures in Paradise, ABC, 1959- 62.
  • Valentine's Day, ABC, 1964-65; title theme (with Vera Matson), Daniel Boone, NBC, 1964-70.
  • Writings;MOVIES
  • Fireball Forward, ABC, 1972.
  • When Michael Calls, ABC, 1972.

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  • Variety, February 8-14, 1989.

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