Anne Baxter Biography (1923-1985)

Born May 7, 1923, in Michigan City, IN; died of a stroke in New York City, December 12, 1985; daughter of Kenneth Stuart and Catherine (Wright) Baxter; married John Hodiak, 1946 (divorced, 1953); married Randolph Galt (divorced, 1967); married David Klee, 1977 (died, 1978); children: (first marriage) Katrina Vonditter; (second marriage) Melissa Galt, Maginel Galt.

Anne Baxter's grandfather was the noted architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

In All About Eve, the film for which she is best remembered, Baxter portrayedan aspiring actress who ingratiates herself with, and eventually supplants,an aging star (Bette Davis). Both Davis and Baxter received Academy Award nominations, but because Baxter insisted on being nominated for Best Actress instead of Best Supporting Actress, they split the votes in the former category,allowing Judy Holliday to win. Twenty years later, Baxter appeared on Broadway in Applause, the musical version of All About Eve, this time as the character Davis had originally played.

Between 1960 and 1963, Baxter abandoned her career to live with her second husband, Randolph Galt, on a ranch in the remote Australian outback. She described the experience in her book, Intermission: A True Story.

The December 18, 1985, edition of Variety published an obituary and noted, "Although she never gained superstardom, Baxter was a survivor and had the reputation of being a dedicated and reliable worker, living up to her favorite motto: 'See into life--just don't look at it.'"

Birth Details
May 7, 1923
Michigan City, Indiana, United States
Death Details
December 12, 1985
New York, New York, United States

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