Frederick Bailey Biography (1946-)

Addresses: Home: 1569 N. Topanga Canyon, Topanga, CA, 90290.

SIDELIGHTS: "My wish is to direct primarily my own plays. Up until 1974-75, I never directed my own plays. Usually directed other people's plays (new, revivals, classics including much Shakespeare). If one of my plays was done I recruited another director. In '74, however, working with new plays at The Warehouse Theatre in OKC, there was no other director I could recruit and so I started directing my own work. I discovered how enjoyable this was. I do not feel that I must direct my own plays. There are some of them that I would never wish to direct, such as The Bridgehead. I feel most comfortable with my more farcical pieces. In my work, I am interested in studying human behavior, under pressure, in isolation. That is, pure human behavior, removed from outside influences of our modern media age. How people behavewhen what's internal becomes external. All my plays have this common theme. My purpose would be to demonstrate that there is another life, on this planet, in this dimension of consciousness. I believe that creative, intuitive intelligence gives us the opportunity to alter the destiny of the human species by uplifting and expanding Human Consciousness, Human Awareness, through social mutuality. Maybe the uplift will be minuscule, infinitesimal, but that is the attempt. The hope is that it will also be fun."

playwright, director, actor
Birth Details
November 7, 1946
Dallas, Texas

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