Atom Egoyan Biography (1960-)

Surname is pronounced "Eh-goy-en"; original name, Atom Yeghoyan; born July 19, 1960, in Cairo, Egypt; immigrated to Canada, 1962, naturalized Canadian citizen; son of Joseph (an artist and operator of a furniture store) and Shushan(an artist and operator of a furniture store; maiden name, Devletian) Egoyan; married Arsinee Khanjian (an actress); children: Arshile (son). Addresses: Office: Ego Film Arts, 80 Nicaragua St., Toronto, Ontario M5V 1C5, Canada.; Agent: Robert Newman, International Creative Management, 8942 WilshireBlvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211.; Manager: Ralph Zimmerman, Great North Artists Management, Inc., 350 Duponte, Toronto, Ontario M5R 1V9, Canada.

Director, producer, film editor, writer, actor
Birth Details
July 19, 1960
Cairo, Egypt

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