Janet Elizabeth Bowes Biography (1944-)

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"I had the opportunity to travel to England and Ireland in 1968 to observe theatre there. I was able to observe the Royal Shakespeare Company during rehearsals, and many regional repertory groups as well. While in Dublin, I assisted the American director in a production of Indian Wants the Bronx at the Abbey Theatre's experimental space, the Peacock. In 1982 I directed Dustoff, at the Westside Mainstage, New York City. The play is about a medical evacuation unit in Vietnam towards the end of the war. In working on this project, I discovered a lot about this experience, showing its terrifying, humorous, and painful reality with an audience who until recently could neither understand nor cope with the Vietnam veterans' unique experience. Having our audience respond to this play with compassion and a new understanding of the vets, and having veterans themselves say that this play helped 'to bring them home' was a highly motivating and moving experience for me.Further involvement in Vietnam veterans' issues followed, in particularwith agent orange/dioxin, and the Vietnam Veteran's Relief Fund has keptme searching for more opportunities to explore these and other issues on thestage."

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