Neil Simon Biography (1927-)

Full name, Marvin Neil Simon; born July 4, 1927, in Bronx, NY; son of Irving(a garment salesperson) and Mamie Simon; married Joan Baim (a dancer), September 30, 1953 (died, July 17, 1973); married Marsha Mason (an actress), October 25, 1973 (divorced, 1982); married Diane Lander (an actress), 1987 (divorced, 1988), remarried, 1990 (divorced, 1998); married Elaine Joyce (an actress), September 11, 1999; children: (first marriage) Ellen, Nancy; (third marriage) Bryn (adopted daughter). Addresses: Agent: Jim Wiatt, William Morris Agency, 151 El Camino Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90212.; Contact: Armstrong, Hirsch, Jackoway, Tyreman, and Wertheimer, 1888 Century Park, 18th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90067.

Producer, playwright, screenwriter
Birth Details
July 4, 1927
Bronx, New York

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