Jerome Kass Biography (1937-)

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"From 1962 to 1965, I was a student in a playwriting seminar presided over byHerbert Berghof at the HB Studio in New York. Each student was required eachweek to write a two-character one-act play of about ten pages. The plays would be read at each of our weekly meetings by actors from scene-study classesat the Studio. Each play was then criticized by anyone who had something to say: We'd then take the plays home and rework them. The plays were then made available to acting students at the Studio. The playwright was notified when a play of his (or hers) was to be performed. He'd see the play done and he'd have another opportunity to rework it. I saw some of my plays donedozens of times by different actors. In some cases, I'd rework a play every time I saw it done. This was how I learned the craft of playwriting. It was the most valuable education of my professional life."

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April 21, 1937
Chicago, Illinois

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