Roy Kinnear Biography (1934-1988)

Full name, Roy Mitchell Kinnear; born January 8, 1934, in Wigan, England; died as the result of a fall from a horse, September 20, 1988, in Madrid, Spain;son of Roy Muir and Annie Smith (Durie) Kinnear; married Carmel Cryan (an actress); children: four.

Birth Details
January 8, 1934
Wigan, England
Death Details
September 20, 1988
Madrid, Spain

Famous Works

  • Credits
  • STAGE DEBUT--Albert, The Young in Heart, Newquay Theatre, Newquay, U.K.,1955.
  • LONDON DEBUT--Fred, Make Me an Offer, Royal Stratford Theatre, 1959.
  • Fred, Make Me an Offer, New Theatre, London, 1959.
  • Master Mathew, Every Man in His Humour, R.O. man and Sid, Sparrers Can'tSing, and Charlie Modryb, Progress to the Park, all Royal Stratford Theatre,London, 1960.
  • R.O. man and Sid, Sparrers Can't Sing, Wyndham's Theatre, London, 1961.
  • Blevins Playfair, They Might Be Giants, and Mr. Marris, Big Soft Nellie,both Royal Stratford Theatre, 1961.
  • Father Matthew, On a Clear Day You Can See Canterbury, Royal Stratford Theatre, 1962.
  • ensemble, England, Our England (revue), Prince's Theatre, London, 1962.
  • Sid Hotson, The Affliction, Oxford Playhouse, Oxford, U.K., 1963.
  • Leo Herman, A Thousand Clowns, Comedy Theatre, London, 1964.
  • John P. Jones, Meals on Wheels, Royal Court Theatre, London, 1965.
  • Nicholas, Babes in the Wood, London Palladium, London, 1965.
  • the Baron, The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew, Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), Aldwych Theatre, London, 1966.
  • Bull, The Relapse, RSC, Aldwych Theatre, 1967.
  • Baptista, The Taming of the Shrew, and Touchstone, As You Like It, both RSC, Aldwych Theatre, then Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford- on-Avon, U.K., 1967, later Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles, 1968.
  • title role, The Travails of Sancho Panza, National Theatre Company, Old Vic Theatre, London, 1969.
  • Ligurio, Mandrake, Criterion Theatre, London, 1970.
  • Superintendent Baxter, Dead Easy, St. Martin's Theatre, London, 1974.
  • Ben, The Can Opener, RSC, Place Theatre, London, 1974.
  • Valeria, Cinderella, Casino Theatre, London, 1974.
  • Fred, Roger's Last Stand, Duke of York's Theatre, London, 1975.
  • Gepetto, Pinocchio, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford, U.K., 1977.
  • Mayor Enrico, Beyond the Rainbow, Adelphi Theatre, London, 1978.
  • Also appeared as the Common Man, A Man for All Seasons, West End production.
  • FILM DEBUT--The Millionairess, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1960.
  • Charles Salmon, The Boys, Gala, 1962.
  • Captain Tom Enderby, Tiara Tahiti, Zenith, 1962.
  • Fred Smith, Heavens Above!, British Lion/Romulus/Janus, 1963.
  • Lucky Dave, The Small World of Sammy Lee, Seven Arts, 1963.
  • Fred Gooding, Sparrows Can't Sing, Janus, 1963.
  • Henry, French Dressing, Warner Brothers, 1964.
  • Bunting, A Place to Go, British Lion, 1964.
  • Algernon, Help!, United Artists, 1965.
  • Monty Bartlett, The Hill, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1965.
  • Shorty, Underworld Informers (also known as The Informers and The Snout),Continental Distributing, 1965.
  • instructor, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, United Artists, 1966.
  • Adam Scarr, The Deadly Affair, Columbia, 1967.
  • Clapper, How I Won the War, United Artists, 1967.
  • fire extinguisher salesman, The Mini-Affair, United Screen Arts, 1968.
  • plastic mac man, The Bed Sitting Room, United Artists, 1969.
  • Sir Tunbelly Clumsey, Lock Up Your Daughters, Columbia, 1969.
  • Park keeper, Egghead's Robot, Film Producer's Guild, 1970.
  • Roscoe, The Firechasers, R.F.D. Productions, 1970.
  • Prince Regent, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, Paramount, 1970.
  • portly gentleman, Scrooge, National General, 1970.
  • Weller, Taste the Blood of Dracula, Warner Brothers, 1970.
  • Mr. Perkins, Melody (also known as S.W.A.L.K.), Levitt-Pickman, 1971.
  • Mr. Salt, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Paramount, 1971.
  • Burgermeister, The Pied Piper, Paramount, 1972.
  • Social Director Curain, Juggernaut, United Artists, 1974.
  • Planchet, The Three Musketeers, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1974.
  • Moriarty's aide, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1975.
  • Bishop of Paris, Barry McKenzie Holds His Own, Roadshow, 1975.
  • Planchet, The Four Musketeers (also known as The Revenge of Milady), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1975.
  • Superintendent Grubbs, One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing, Buena Vista, 1975.
  • Old Roue, Royal Flash, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1975.
  • Hoskins, Not Now, Comrade, EMI Film Distributors, 1976.
  • Quincey, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, Buena Vista, 1977.
  • Corporal Boldini, The Last Remake of Beau Geste, Universal, 1977.
  • voice of Pipkin, Watership Down (animated), AVCO-Embassy, 1978.
  • Bidley, The Omega Connection (also known as The London Connection), BuenaVista, 1979.
  • Innkeeper, Hawk the Slayer, ITC, 1980.
  • Seldon, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Atlantic, 1980.
  • Mr. Garnett, High Rise Donkey, Children's Film Foundation, 1980.
  • English Eddie Hagedorn, Hammett, Warner Brothers, 1982.
  • Hector Lloyd, The Boys in Blue, Rank, 1983.
  • Gardener, Pavlova--A Woman for All Time, Poseidon, 1985.
  • Dutch, Pirates, Cannon, 1986.
  • Vormieter, Unusual Ground Floor Conversation (short film), Film Four International, 1987.
  • Jack Splendide, Just Ask for Diamond (also known as The Falcon's Malteser), Twentieth Century-Fox/King's Road Entertainment, 1988.
  • Also appeared in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, American National Enterprises, 1972; Rentadick, Virgin, 1972; Candleshoe, Buena Vista, 1978; and inRaising the Roof, The Garnett Saga, That's Your Funeral, Eskimo Nell, Threefor All, The Amorous Milkman, and Dick Turpin.
  • Jerry, George and Mildred, syndicated, 1984.
  • Also Shades of Greene, PBS; That Was the Week That Was; Inside George Webley; and Andy Robson.
  • Credits; MOVIES
  • Holidaymaker, Madame Sin, ABC, 1972.
  • Friar Tuck, The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood, CBS, 1984.
  • Balbi, Casanova, ABC, 1987.
  • the Common Man, A Man for All Seasons, TNT, 1988.
  • Credits; SPECIALS
  • Squaring the Circle (documentary), TVS, 1983.

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  • Variety, September 28, 1988.

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