Bob Cummings Biography (1910-2)

Born Charles Clarence Robert Orville Cummings, June 9, 1910 (some sources say1908), in Joplin, MO; died of kidney failure, December 2, 1990, in WoodlandHills, CA; son of Charles Clarence (a physician and surgeon) and Ruth Annabelle (an ordained minister for the Science of Mind; maiden name, Kraft) Cummings; married Vivian Janis (a dancer), 1933 (marriage ended); married Mary Elliott Daniels (an actress), 1945 (marriage ended); married; spouse's name unknown (marriage ended); married Regina Maria Helena deAssise Young, March 27, 1971 (marriage ended); married Janie, 1989; children: (from second marriage) Robert, Mary, Sharon, Laurel; (from other marriages) Tony, Charles, Michelle.

Birth Details
June 9, 1910
Joplin, Missouri, United States
Death Details
December, 2
Woodland Hills, California, United States

Famous Works

  • Credits; Film Appearances
  • (As Blade Stanhope Conway) Crowd extra, Sons of the Desert (also known asSons of the Legion and Fraternally Yours), Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer, 1933.
  • (As Brice Hutchens) Jim Preston, The Virginia Judge, Paramount, 1935.
  • George Pendleton, So Red the Rose, Paramount, 1935.
  • Jimmy, Millions in the Air, Paramount, 1935.
  • Jimmy Tuttle, Three Cheers for Love, Paramount, 1936.
  • George Martin, Souls at Sea, Paramount, 1936.
  • Michael Winslow, Hideaway Girl, Paramount, 1936.
  • Clinton Faraday, Forgotten Faces, Paramount, 1936.
  • Fordyce Mortimer, Desert Gold, Paramount, 1936.
  • Lieutenant Bob Dixon, Border Flight, Paramount, 1936.
  • Jimmy Ellis, The Accusing Finger, Paramount, 1936.
  • Curley, Sophie Lang Goes West, Paramount, 1937.
  • Jay Wallace, Hollywood Boulevard, Paramount, 1937.
  • Dan Trimball, prospector, Wells Fargo, Paramount, 1937.
  • Juan Ramos, The Last Train from Madrid, Paramount, 1937.
  • Randall, Arizona Mahoney (also known as Arizona Thunderbolt), Paramount,1937.
  • Jim, You and Me, Paramount, 1938.
  • Captain Alan Sanford, The Texans, Paramount, 1938.
  • Fred, I Stand Accused, Republic, 1938.
  • Jimmy Howell, Touch Down Army (also known as Generals of Tomorrow and Touchdown Army), Paramount, 1938.
  • Radio announcer, College Swing (also known as Swing, Teacher, Swing), Paramount, 1938.
  • Harry Loren, Three Smart Girls Grow Up, Universal, 1938.
  • Dennis King, The Underpup (also known as The Under-Pup), Universal, 1939.
  • Ken Morgan, Everything Happens at Night, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1939.
  • Bill Gregory, Rio, Universal, 1939.
  • Scotty Hamilton, Charlie McCarthy, Detective, Universal, 1939.
  • Jeffrey "Jeff" Bolton, Moon over Miami, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1940.
  • Harry Marten, Spring Parade, Universal, 1940.
  • Jimmy Nolan, Private Affairs, Universal, 1940.
  • Steve Harper, One Night in the Tropics (also known as Caribbean Holiday and Love Insurance), Universal, 1940.
  • Michael, Flesh and Fantasy, Universal, 1941.
  • Joe O'Brien, The Devil and Miss Jones, RKO Radio Pictures, 1941.
  • Jonathan Reynolds Jr., It Started with Eve, Universal, 1941.
  • Ridley Crane, And One Was Beautiful, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1941.
  • Max Clemington, Free and Easy, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1941.
  • Barry Kane, Saboteur, Universal, 1942.
  • Jimmy Blake, Between Us Girls, Universal, 1942.
  • Ned Trimble, Forever and a Day, RKO Radio Pictures, 1942.
  • Parris Mitchell, Kings Row, Warner Bros., 1942.
  • Eddie O'Rourke, Princess O'Rourke, Warner Bros., 1942.
  • Major Bob Collins, You Came Along, Paramount, 1944.
  • Bill Prentice, Paid in Full, Paramount, 1944.
  • Warren Ford, The Accused (also known as Strange Deception), Paramount, 1945.
  • Chuck Scott, The Chase, United Artists, 1945.
  • Jeff Warren, The Bride Wore Boots, Paramount, 1946.
  • Bruce Elcott, Sleep My Love, United Artists, 1946.
  • Jeff Bolton, For Heaven's Sake, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1946.
  • Lewis Venable, The Lost Moment, Universal, 1947.
  • Mike, Montana Mike (also known as Heaven Only Knows), United Artists, 1947.
  • Joe Bennett, The First Time, Columbia, 1947.
  • George Petty, The Petty Girl (also known as Girl of the Year), Columbia,1947.
  • Pete Webb, Tell It to the Judge, Columbia, 1948.
  • Sylvanus Hurley, The Barefoot Mailman, Columbia, 1948.
  • Duke Crawford, Let's Live a Little, Eagle-Lion, 1949.
  • Bill, Marry Me Again, RKO Radio Pictures, 1949.
  • Charles D'Aubigny, Reign of Terror (also known as The Black Book), WalterWanger, 1949.
  • Christopher Parker, Free for All, Universal, 1949.
  • Wedgewood, How to Be Very, Very Popular, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1955.
  • Dr. Stephanson, What a Way to Go!, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1955.
  • Bob Moore, My Geisha, Paramount, 1960.
  • Mr. Gatewood, Stage Coach (also known as Stagecoach), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1963.
  • Dr. Peter Brock, Promise Her Anything, Paramount, 1963.
  • Professor Sutwell, Beach Party, American International Pictures, 1963.
  • Mark Halliday, Dial M for Murder, Warner Bros., 1964.
  • Dick Carson, Lucky Me!, Warner Bros., 1964.
  • Dan Pierce, Carpet Baggers (also known as The Carpetbaggers), Paramount,1965.
  • Bob Mitchell, Five Golden Dragons, Anglo-Amalgamated, 1967.
  • Credits; Film Work; Producer
  • (With Eugene Frenke) Let's Live a Little, Eagle-Lion, 1948.
  • Credits; Television Appearances; Series
  • Bob Beanblossom, My Hero (also known as The Bob Cummings Show), NBC, 1952-53.
  • Bob Collins, Love that Bob (also known as The Bob Cummings Show), NBC, 1955, CBS, 1955-57, NBC, 1957-59.
  • Bob Carson, The Bob Cummings Show (also known as The New Bob Cummings Show), CBS, 1961-62.
  • Dr. Bob McDonald, My Living Doll, CBS, 1964-65.
  • Credits; Television Appearances; Movies
  • Gidget Grows Up, ABC, 1969.
  • Ralph Elsworth, Partners in Crime, NBC, 1972.
  • Dan Carson, The Great American Beauty Contest, ABC, 1973.
  • Cab driver, Three on a Date, ABC, 1978.
  • Credits; Television Appearances; Specials
  • Best Foot Forward, NBC, 1954.
  • "It Isn't Easy Being a Teenage Millionaire," ABC Afterschool Special, ABC, 1978.
  • Himself, "Disneyland's 35th Anniversary Celebration," The Magical World of Disney, NBC, 1990.
  • Credits; Television Appearances; Episodic
  • "Run from the Sun," Sure as Fate, ABC, 1950.
  • "The Shiny People," Lux Video Theater, CBS, 1951.
  • "The Luncheon," Somerset Maugham Theater, NBC, 1951.
  • "Lila, My Love," Robert Montgomery Presents, NBC, 1951.
  • "Pattern for Glory," Lux Video Theater, CBS, 1952.
  • "The Test Case," Campbell TV Soundstage, CBS, 1954.
  • "The Crisis," Justice, NBC, 1954.
  • Juror Number 8, "Twelve Angry Men," Studio One, CBS, 1954.
  • "Flood," The Elgin Hour, ABC, 1954.
  • The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, CBS, 1954.
  • "Special Announcement," Studio One, CBS, 1956.
  • "One Left Over," Schlitz Playhouse of Stars, CBS, 1957.
  • "Too Good with a Gun," G.E. Theater, CBS, 1957.
  • "The Marital Mix-Up," The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, CBS, 1957.
  • "Dual Control," Schlitz Playhouse of Stars, CBS, 1957.
  • Person to Person, CBS, 1957.
  • "The Ricardos Go to Japan," The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show, CBS, 1959.
  • "Dead Man's Walk," Chevy Mystery Theater, NBC, 1960.
  • The Frances Langford-Don Ameche Show, ABC, 1960.
  • Captain James Embry, "King Nine Will Not Return," The Twilight Zone, NBC,1960.
  • "The Last Bugle," Zane Grey Theater, CBS, 1960.
  • "The Action in New Orleans," DuPont Show of the Week, NBC, 1962.
  • "Last of the Private Eyes," The Dick Powell Show, NBC, 1963.
  • "The Race for Queen," The Beverly Hillbillies, CBS, 1964.
  • "Plague," Great Adventure, CBS, 1964.
  • "The Square Peg," Bob Hope Chrysler Theater, NBC, 1964.
  • "Blind Man's Bluff," Bob Hope Chrysler Theater, NBC, 1967.
  • "Love and the Pill," Love, American Style, ABC, 1969.
  • "Speak the Speech, I Pray You," The Flying Nun, ABC, 1969.
  • Mort Warner, "Rest and Relaxation," Green Acres, CBS, 1970.
  • "The She-Bear," Here Come the Brides, ABC, 1970.
  • "Samantha and the Toll," Bewitched, ABC, 1971.
  • "Love and the Second Time," Love, American Style, ABC, 1971.
  • "The Tremendous Sense of Loyalty," The Good Life, NBC, 1971.
  • "Lucy's Punctured Romance," Here's Lucy, CBS, 1972.
  • "Lucy and her Genuine Twimby," Here's Lucy, CBS, 1973.
  • Love, American Style, ABC, 1973.
  • Elliot Smith, The Love Boat, ABC, 1977.
  • "Third Wheel," The Love Boat, ABC, 1979.
  • Credits; Stage Appearances
  • (As Blade Stanhope Conway) The Honorable Reggie Fanning, The Roof, 49th Street Theatre, New York City, 1931.
  • Leading man, Earl Carroll's Vanities, Broadway Theatre, New York City, 1932.
  • Young leading man, Ziegfeld Follies, Winter Garden, New York City, 1933-34.
  • Faithfully Yours, 1952.
  • Credits; Major Tours
  • Ziegfeld Follies, U.S. and Canadian cities, 1934-35.
  • Writings;Nonfiction
  • Stay Young and Vital (book on nutrition), 1960.

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