Falkland Cary Biography (1897-1989)

Born January 2, 1897, in Kildare, Ireland; died of a stroke, April 7, 1989, in Fleet, England; son of Henry John Litton and Katherine Frances (Boyd) Cary.

Falkland Cary, author of many successful British stage comedies from the 1940s to the 1960s, began his professional career as an obstetrician. He once estimated that he delivered approximately 2,000 babies during his twenty year practice before giving up medicine to concentrate on his stage work.

Birth Details
January 2, 1897
Kildare, Ireland
Death Details
April 7, 1989
Fleet, England

Famous Works

  • Writings;STAGE
  • Burning Gold, 1943.
  • Candied Peel, 1945.
  • Murder Out of Tune, 1945.
  • But Once a Year, 1948.
  • Bed of Roses's, 1949.
  • (with Philip Weathers) Madam Tic-Tac, 1950.
  • (with Ivan Butler) The Paper Chain, 1953.
  • Pitfall, the Owner of Redfields, 1954.
  • (with Philip King) Sailor Beware!, 1955.
  • (with Weathers) The Hypnotist, 1956.
  • (with King) The Dream House, 1957.
  • (with Butler) Danger Inside, 1958.
  • (with Weathers) The Shadow Witness, 1959.
  • (with King) Watch It, Sailor!, 1960.
  • (with Weathers) The Proof of the Poison, 1962.
  • Rock-a-Bye Sailor, 1962.
  • (with King) Big Bad Mouse, 1964; also (with Don Carrol) Meet Aunt Mildred.
  • Writings;FILM
  • (With Philip King) Panic in the Parlour (also known as Sailor Beware!), Distributors Corporation of America, 1957.
  • (with King) Watch It, Sailor, Columbia, 1961.
  • The Hammer, Gentlemen at Twilight, and Pitfall, the Owner of Redfields.
  • Writings;RADIO; PLAYS
  • Pitfall, the Owner of Redfields.

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  • Variety, April 12-18, 1989.

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