Sheila Allen Biography (1932-)

Born October 22, 1932 in Chard, Somerset, England; daughter of William and Dorothy Essex (maiden name, Potter) Allen; married David Jones (some sources cite married Irwin Allen).

Birth Details
October 22, 1932
Chard, Somerset, United Kingdom

Famous Works

  • Stage Appearances
  • Lucy, The Rivals, Pitlochry Festival, 1953
  • Katharine, The Taming of the Shrew, Arena Theatre Company, Birmingham, England, between 1954 and 1956
  • Beatrice, Much Ado about Nothing, Arena Theatre Company, between 1954 and 1956
  • Alkmena, Amphitryon 38, Arena Theatre Company, between 1954 and 1956
  • Hippolyta, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Bristol Old Vic Company, Theatre Royal, London, 1957-1958
  • Mrs. Pearce, Pygmalion, Bristol Old Vic Company, Theatre Royal, 1957-1958
  • Marfa Zlotochienko, Romanoff and Juliet, Bristol Old Vic Company,Theatre Royal, 1957-1958
  • Delilah, Sodom and Gomorrah, Bristol Old Vic Company, Theatre Royal, 1957-1958
  • Miss Ramsden, Man and Superman, Bristol Old Vic Company, Theatre Royal, 1957-1958
  • Ba, The Pier, Bristol Old Vic Company, Theatre Royal, 1957-1958
  • Nell, The Lion in Love, Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, England, 1960
  • Portia, The Merchant of Venice, Richmond Theatre, 1960
  • Drusilla, On a Clear Day You Can See Canterbury, Theatre Royal, Stratford, England, 1962
  • Pat Garnet, The Last Ally, Lyric Theatre-Hammersmith, London, 1962
  • Daughter-in-law, Playing with Fire (one-act), Royal Shakespeare Company, Aldwych Theatre, London, 1962
  • Portia, The Merchant of Venice, Old Vic Theatre, London, 1962
  • Sister Bonaventure, The Umbrella, Comedy Theatre, London, 1963
  • Liz, Inadmissable Evidence, Royal Court Theatre, London, 1964
  • Portia, Julius Caesar, Royal Court Theatre, 1964
  • Stella Herberden, Saint's Day, Theatre Royal, Stratford, 1965
  • The Hollow Crown, Royal Shakespeare Company, Theatre at Westminster Abbey, 1966
  • Lady Percy, King Henry IV, Parts I and II, Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford-upon-Avon, England, 1966
  • Helen Rawston, Belcher's Luck, Royal Shakespeare Company, AldwychTheatre, 1966
  • Lady Macduff, Macbeth, Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford-upon-Avon, 1967, then Aldwych Theatre, 1968
  • Lady Capulet, Romeo and Juliet, Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford-upon-Avon, 1967
  • Polly Garter, Under Milk Wood, Royal Shakespeare Company, AldwychTheatre, 1968
  • Goneril, King Lear, Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford-upon-Avon, 1968
  • Helen, Troilus and Cressida, Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford-upon-Avon, 1968
  • Vagina Rex, Arts Laboratory, Drury Lane Theatre, London, 1969
  • Comrade Jacob, Gardner Arts Centre, University of Sussex, Brighton, England, 1969
  • Geriatric, A New Communion for Freaks, Prophets, and Witches, Holocaust Theatre, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1971
  • Lady Brute, The Provok'd Wife, Greenwich Theatre, London, 1973
  • Lady Macbeth and first witch, Macbeth, Shaw Theatre, London, 1973
  • Queen, Cymbeline, Stratford-upon-Avon and Aldwych Theatre, 1974
  • Goneril, King Lear, Other Place, Stratford, then The Place, London, 1974
  • Constance, King John, Stratford-upon-Avon, 1974, then Aldwych Theatre, 1975
  • Sofia, The Zykovs, Aldwych Theatre, 1976
  • Title role, Queen Christina, Other Place, 1977-1978
  • Wemwood, The Sons of Light, Other Place, 1977-1978 then WarehouseTheatre, London
  • Alice, The Dance of Death, Other Place, 1977-1978 then Warehouse Theatre, later Aldwych Theatre
  • Volumnia, Coriolanus, Shakespeare Theatre, Washington, DC, 2000
  • La Madrecita de la Perdidos, Camino Real, Shakespeare Theatre, 2000
  • Appeared in The Faerie Queene, Covent Garden Theatre, London.
  • Major Tours
  • Lady Macduff, Macbeth, Russian and Finnish cities, 1967
  • Beverly, The Shadow Box, Cambridge Theatre Company, 1979
  • Film Appearances
  • (Uncredited) Confession (also known as The Deadliest Sin),Allied Artists, 1956
  • Frau Kornfeldt, The Malpas Mystery (also known as Edgar WallaceMysteries: The Malpas Mystery), 1960, Schoenfeld Films, 1969
  • The Prince and the Pauper, Walt Disney Pictures, 1962
  • Diana Looran, Children of the Damned, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1964
  • Lady Diane, The Alphabet Murders (also known as The ABC Murders), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1966
  • Beth, Three into Two Won't Go, Universal, 1969
  • Ellen, Venom (also known as The Legend of Spider Forest andSpider's Venom), Media Home Entertainment, 1971
  • Nurse, The Poseidon Adventure, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1972
  • The Other Side of the Underneath (also known as The Other Sideof Underneath), Bond, 1972
  • Paula Ramsay, The Towering Inferno, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1974
  • Sister Charity, Viva Knievel! (also known as Seconds to Live), Warner Bros., 1977
  • Mona, When Time Ran Out ... (also known as The Day the World Ended and Earth's Final Fury), Warner Bros., 1980
  • Mrs. Marchant, Pascali's Island (also known as L'isola di Pascali), Avenue Pictures Productions, 1988
  • Tutor, Antonia and Jane, Miramax, 1991
  • Olga Leiner, Shining Through, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1992
  • Television Appearances
  • Miniseries
  • Mrs. Pethick Lawrence, Shoulder to Shoulder, BBC (England), 1974
  • Cassie Manson, A Bouquet of Barbed Wire, 1976
  • Cassie Manson, Another Bouquet, 1977
  • Matron Mary Taylor, Shroud for a Nightingale, 1984
  • Mother, Alice in Wonderland (also known as Alice through the Looking Glass), CBS, 1985
  • Fiona, The Lives and Loves of a She Devil, BBC, 1990
  • Frau Hedwig, The Ring (also known as Danielle Steel's "The Ring"), NBC, 1996
  • Movies
  • Blonde woman, City beneath the Sea (also known as One Hour to Doomsday), NBC, 1971
  • (As Sheila Mathews) Claudine Lennart, Adventures of the Queen, CBS, 1975
  • Mrs. Sokarev, The Glory Boys, YTV, 1984
  • Mrs. Delehanty, Outrage!, ABC, 1986
  • Eileen, Mothertime, BBC (England), 1997
  • Episodic
  • Ruth Templeton, "Return from Outer Space," Lost in Space, CBS, 1965
  • Brynhilde, "The Space Vikings," Lost in Space, CBS, 1967
  • Number 14, "A, B, & C," The Prisoner, 1967
  • Aunt Gamma, "Princess of Space," Lost in Space, CBS, 1968
  • Nurse Helg, "Deadly Lodestone," Land of the Giants, ABC, 1969
  • Miss Collier, "Wild Journey," Land of the Giants, ABC, 1970
  • Fanny Tatum, "The Return," The Waltons, CBS, 1978
  • Phyllis Nichols, "Wheels of Fortune," Boon, ITV (England), 1987
  • Mrs. Clapperton, "The Problem at Sea," Poirot, 1989
  • Marcia Parrish, "Something to Hide," Casualty, BBC1 (England), 1991
  • Mrs. Norland, Dangerfield, BBC (England), 1995
  • Other
  • (As Sheila Mathews) Channel Nine, 1955
  • Olivia, Find Me (also known as Omnibus: Find Me), BBC (England), 1974
  • Virginia, Hedgehog Wedding, 1987
  • Albums
  • Reader, Oberon, Sonnet, 2000

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