T. C. Carson Biography (1958-)

Full name, Terrence C. Carson; born November 19, 1958, in Chicago, IL. Addresses: Agent: Vox, Inc., 5670 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 820, Los Angeles, CA90036.; Manager: Vanguard Talent Management, 650 North Bronson Ave., Suite B-140, Los Angeles, CA 90004.

Actor, singer, dancer
Birth Details
November 19, 1958
Chicago, Illinois, United States

Famous Works

  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Abednigo "Jo-Jo" Nabuli, Key West, Fox, 1993
  • Kyle Barker, Living Single (also known as My Girls), Fox, 1993-97
  • Voice of firechief Campbell, mailman Carson, and other characters, Clifford the Big Red Dog (animated), PBS, 2000-2002
  • Voice of Mace Windu, Star Wars: Clone Wars (animated), Cartoon Network and broadcast online, 2003-2005
  • Movies
  • A Mother's Courage: The Mary Thomas Story (also known as Long Shot), NBC, 1989
  • (As Terrence "T. C." Carson) Detective Rawlins, Her Married Lover,Lifetime, 2000
  • (As Terrence "T. C." Carson) Yaskin, Proximity, HBO, 2001
  • Also appeared in Fast Break to Glory.
  • Episodic
  • Voice, "Beauty and the Beast," Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child (animated), HBO, 1995
  • Voice, "Some Like It Hotter/You Dirty Rats," The Adventures of Hyperman (animated), CBS, 1995
  • Host, Soul Train, syndicated, 1995
  • Kyle Barker, "Let's Stay Together," Living Single, Fox, 1998
  • Kyle Barker, "The Big Performance Anxiety Episode," Half & Half, UPN, 2005
  • Also appeared as voices of Gus and Norton Jensen, Life with Louie(animated), Fox.
  • Pilots
  • Harry H. Knight, EDNY, NBC, 2003
  • Film Appearances
  • (As Terrence "T. C." Carson) Dexter Jackson, Livin' Large (also known as The Tapes of Dexter Jackson), Samuel Goldwyn, 1991
  • (As Terrence "T. C." Carson) Davis, Firehawk, Concorde Productions, 1993
  • Manny Landrew, Gang Related (also known as Gang City), Orion, 1997
  • Buzz Wagner, Relax ... It's Just Sex (also known as Relax),Jour de Fete Films, 1998
  • (As Terrence "T. C." Carson) Detective Rawlins, Her Married Lover(also known as A Clean Kill), Cliffhanger Productions, 1999
  • Nat King Cole, Nature Boy, 2000
  • Steward Eddie Carson, U-571, MCA/Universal, 2000
  • Eugene Dix, Final Destination 2 (also known as Final Destination 2: You Can't Cheat Death Twice), New Line Cinema, 2003
  • Voice of Clarence, The Animatrix (animated), Warner Bros., 2003
  • Voice of Clarence, A Detective Story (animated; also known as The Animatrix: A Detective Story), Warner Bros., 2003
  • Stage Appearances
  • Black to Broadway (musical), Relevations Group, New York City, c.2001
  • Sheriff, Body Snatchers (musical; also known as Body Snatchers:The Musical), 14th Street Playhouse, Atlanta, GA, Odyssey Theatre, WestLos Angeles, and off-Broadway production, all 2003
  • Husband, Two Queens, One Castle (musical), Horizon Theatre, Atlanta, GA, 2004
  • Full Moon of Sonia (poetry), National Black Arts Festival, Woodruff Arts Center, Alliance Theatre, Atlanta, GA, 2004
  • T. C. Carson: Soul Suite, Underground Atlanta, the Loft, Atlanta,GA, 2004
  • T. C. Carson: Evolution, My Life in Music (trilogy; consists of "Discovery," "Exploration," and "Revelation"), Manhattan College, Tribeca Performing Arts Center, New York City, 2005
  • Appeared as the kid, Miss Roj, and Walter Lee, The Colored Museum,Chicago, IL; and in Project!, Chicago, IL. Appeared in the musicals Ain't Misbehavin', Dreamgirls, Gospel at Colonnus, Hair, Once on This Island, and The Wiz. Appeared in productions of America (also known as Jules Feiffer's America) and Young Richard.
  • Major Tours
  • Appeared in the musicals Dreamgirls and Sesame Street Live,U.S. cities.
  • Stage Work
  • Director, Black to Broadway (musical), Relevations Group, New YorkCity, c. 2001
  • Choreographer of Pecong.
  • Videos
  • (As Terrence "T. C." Carson) Himself, Bits and Pieces: Bringing Deathto Life (short documentary), New Line Home Video, 2003
  • Video Games
  • Voice of academy engineer, Gorkon Allied Command, Starbase 2, Star Trek: Klingon Academy, 2000
  • Voice of Mace Windu, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, LucasArtsEntertainment Company, 2001
  • Voice of Mace Windu, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, LucasArts Entertainment Company, 2002
  • Voices of voodoo master and witch doctor, Pirates: The Legend of BlackKat, EA Games, 2002
  • (As Terrence "T. C." Carson) Voice, Forgotten Realms: Icewind Dale II, 2002
  • (As T C Carson) Rise to Honor (also known as Jet Li: Rise to Honor), Sony Computer Entertainment America, 2003
  • Voice of Grimgash the Black, EverQuest II, Sony Online Entertainment, 2004
  • Voice of Kratos, God of War, 2005
  • Albums
  • Truth, ATC Records, 2000
  • Writings for the Stage
  • T. C. Carson: Evolution, My Life in Music (trilogy; consists of "Discovery," "Exploration," and "Revelation"), Manhattan College, Tribeca Performing Arts Center, New York City, 2005
  • Albums
  • (With others) Truth, ATC Records, 2000

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wanda lawson
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Aug 9, 2012 @ 6:18 pm
I think terrence t.c. carson is an outstanding actor, and that voice is so amazing.I watch living single every day just to see kyle n max..when he speak people take notice.keep up the good work TC carson.You are a very very sexy man.

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