Audrey Meadows Biography (1925-1996)

Born Audrey Cotter, February 8, 1925, in Wu Chang, China (one source says NewYork, NY); died of lung cancer, February 3, 1996, in Los Angeles, CA. Singer, dancer, actress. Meadows gained a permanent place in television history forher portrayal of Alice Kramden on The Honeymooners, a series starring JackieGleason. The 1950s series, which centered on New York City bus driver RalphKramden and his wife, was set in a tenement apartment and used humor and sarcasm in its portrayal of the couple's working-class life. Although the Kramdens argued a lot, Ralph would always end the show by telling Alice, "Baby, you're the greatest." Meadows began her career as a singer, making her debut at Carnegie Hall as a coloratura soprano. She and her sister, Jayne Meadows, setout to make a career in show business. After stints with opera companies andwork with the U.S.O. during World War II, Meadows worked on the television comedy program The Bob and Ray Show. She also starred opposite Phil Silvers onBroadway in Top Banana in 1951. Before her appearance on The Honeymooners, she was featured on The Jackie Gleason Show. Meadows would later tell interviewers that her work on The Honeymooners actually led to her being typecast as ahomemaker. Subsequently, she felt her career was being limited to such roles. Nevertheless, she appeared in other television series, including Too Closefor Comfort and Uncle Buck. She also was featured in variety programs such asThe Jack Benny Show, The Carol Burnett Show, and her brother-in-law's The Steve Allen Show. She appeared in films as well, bringing her talents to A Touch of Mink, Take Her She's Mine, and Rosie. A winner of an Emmy Award for TheHoneymooners, Meadows also won a Sylvania award in 1955. She teamed with fellow Honeymooners costars for several reunion shows, and in 1990 appeared withcostar Art Carney in a salute to comedy. The author of Love Alice: My Life asa Honeymooner, she also served as director of Denver's First National Bank.

actress, singer, dancer
Birth Details
February 8, 1925
Wu Chang, China
Death Details
February 3, 1996
Los Angeles, California, United States

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