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Addresses: Home: 70 Riverside Drive, New York, NY, 10024; Office: Hesseltine, Baker Associates Ltd., 165 W. 46th Street, Suite 409, New York, NY, 10036.

SIDELIGHTS: "After a full life of opera, concert work, marriage, five children, travels all over the world with a career Army husband, at the age of forty-plus, I fell into the theatre, a dream nurtured since early childhood. A fewyears to learn my craft in Minnesota and then an all-or-nothing try in New York. I owe it all to the Equity Library Theatre, which gave me my big break as Sally Adams in Call Me Madam. To my everlasting joy, it has been constant work and many rewards. Many TV commercials afford me the chance to sometimes take a role for "art's sake" like the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet. Where else but in New York can one fulfill all of her dreams? I look forward to many more roles and shall he grateful for the opportunities accordedme to pursue my acting career with such positive and rewarding stimulation."

actress, singer
Birth Details
December 16,
Youngstown, Ohio, United States

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