Alun Owen Biography (1925-1994)

Full name, Alun Davies Owen; born November 24, 1925, in Menai Bridge, North Wales; died December 6, 1994. Actor, director, and playwright. Owen was a prolific author of plays for the stage, television, and film. He began his careeras an assistant stage manager before World War II cast him into a series ofodd-jobs, including coal miner, waiter, and warehouse worker. Resuming his theatrical pursuits, Owen joined the Birmingham Repertory Company in 1943, andsubsequently moved on to Sir Donald Wolfit's Company and other acting troupes. In the 1950s he landed roles in films and began penning plays. Among his stage plays are The Rose Affair, which won the Screenwriters Guild Award, and Lucia. His teleplays, often credited with helping shape the quality of Britishtelevision, included the Emmy-Award-winning The Male of the Species; Loversof the Lake, which won the Banff Award; Unexplained Laughter; Widowers; and Come Home Charlie, and Face Them. Owen gained particular acclaim for his filmscreenplay, A Hard Day's Night, which depicted the semi-fictionalized daily events of the popular British band the Beatles, their rise to fame, and theirtrials with overly enthusiastic fans. This work earned Owen an Academy Awardnomination for best screenplay.

actor, director, playwright
Birth Details
November 24, 1925
Menai Bridge, Wales

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