Genevieve Oswald Biography (1923-)

Full name Genevieve Mary Oswald; born August 24, 1923, in Buffalo, NY; daughter of Charles T. (a traffic consultant) and Jeannette (Glenn) Oswald; marriedDean Johnson, December 7, 1949 (died); children: Anne Pemberton, Charles John Magette. Addresses: OFFICE--Dance Collection, New York Public Library, 111 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10023.

Oswald's diverse interests and activities, as expressed to CTFT, include organizing a program of Asian dance films in 1977 for the Association for Asia Studies, coordinating the International Dance Film and Videotape Conference onthe problems of the choreographer in 1981, and developing the dance film archive, which she conceived in 1961, for the New York Public Library's Dance Collection. She was the U.S. representative to Beijing, China, sponsored by theChinese Dancers Association, to lecture on the development of American danceand negotiate an exchange agreement in July, 1983.

Birth Details
August 24, 1923
Buffalo, New York, United States

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