John Charles Daly Biography (1914-1991)

Born February 20, 1914, in Johannesburg, South Africa; immigrated to the United States, 1923; died of cardiac arrest, February 25, 1991, in Chevy Chase, MD; son of John Charles (a geologist and mining engineer) and Helene Grant (Tennant) Daly; married Margaret Criswell Neal, January 7, 1937 (divorced); married Virginia Warren, December 22, 1960; children: (first marriage) John Neal,John Charles III, Helene Grant Daly Fitzgerald; (second marriage) John Warren, John Earl Jameson, Nina Elisabeth Abath Taylor.

Birth Details
February 20, 1914
Johannesburg, South Africa
Death Details
February 25, 1991
Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States

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