Joseph Culliton Biography (1948-)

Born Joseph Anthony Culliton, January 25, 1948, in Boston, MA; son of DanielJoseph (an attorney) and Gertrude (a journalist; maiden name, Haworth) Culliton. Addresses: Home--484 West 43rd St., New York, NY 10036. Agent--Fifi Oscard Associates, Inc., 24 West 40th St., New York, NY 10018.

Culliton told CTFT: "I am a third generation actor. My maternal grandfather,William Haworth, was an enormously successful playwright and actor in this country at the turn of the century. His plays The Ensign, A Nutmeg Match, and On the Mississippi, among others, were widely produced in New York, on the road, and in stock. His brother, Joseph Haworth, was a star classical actor andmatinee idol. At eighteen, Joseph Haworth played Laertes to Edwin Booth's Hamlet, and subsequently played Hamlet himself to great acclaim; on Broadway, heplayed Romeo opposite Julia Marlowe, Macbeth to Helen Modjeska's celebratedLady Macbeth, and Cassius with Richard Mansfield's Brutus in Julius Caesar. Stage and film actor Wallace Ford was my uncle. Another uncle was Academy Award winning art director Ted Haworth. My brother Patrick Culliton has acted extensively in television, film, and in West Coast theatre. I am deeply proud tobe part of a family that has contributed to the American theatre for the past one hundred and twenty-five years."

Birth Details
January 25, 1948
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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