Bert Parks Biography (1914-1992)

Born December 30, 1914, in Atlanta, GA; died of a lung disease, February 2, 1992, in La Jolla, CA. Emcee and announcer.

Parks hosted television's Miss America Pageant from the mid-1950suntil 1979, making his signature song, "There She Is," part of the program's tradition for twenty-five years. He began his career in radio, first as avocalist, then as a staff announcer for CBS, and first gained recognition asthe emcee of Stop the Music, which he later hosted on television. Hislengthy television career encompassed numerous quiz shows and prime-time telecasts, including Break the Bank, Double or Nothing, and Two in Love, as well as guest spots on such programs as The Bionic Woman andEllery Queen. His cameo in the 1990 film The Freshman marked one of his last appearances.

emcee, announcer
Birth Details
December 30, 1914
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Death Details
February 2, 1992
La Jolla, California, United States

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