Lew Grade Biography (1906-1998)

See index for CTFT sketch: Born December 25, 1906, in Tokmak, Ukraine;died of heart failure on December 13, 1998. Film and television producer. Lord Lew Grade was well known for producing television shows like Jesus of Nazareth and the Muppet Show. He was a successful entrepreneur withvery few failures in the world of entertainment. Grade was born Louis Winogradsky and grew up as a tailor's son in the Ukraine, but his Jewish family fled to London early in his life to escape persecution. He contributed greatly to television in the United Kingdom during the 1960s and 1970s. Grade startedhis career as an entertainer in his own right and earned the title of Charleston dance champion at a young age. When he retired at the age of 70, he created his own company--Associated Communications Corporation. The corporation produced such hits as the movie On Golden Pond and Sophie's Choice. Grade also suffered with the financial flop Raise the Titanic, which was produced in 1980. However he rebounded to co-produce Starlight Express with Andrew Lloyd Webber. In 1985 Grade started the Grade Company, toproduce films and television series. Grade was well known for his big cars and fat cigars. He insisted that he had a handle on what the common person wanted, because he was just an ordinary person with ordinary tastes.

Birth Details
December 25, 1906
Tokmak, Ukraine

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