Paula Kay Pierce Biography (1942-)

Born Paula Kay Hasslocher, October 1, 1942 in Rio de Janeiro; daughter of Paulo Germano (a diplomat) and Olga (a dancer, singer, and teacher; maiden name,Balabanoff) Hasslocher; married George Adams Pierce, 1964 (divorced, 1969);married Jan Barry Crumb (a writer), 1970; children: (second marriage) Chris,Nikolai. Addresses: HOME--Montclair, NJ. OFFICE--400 W. 43rd Street, Suite 4N, New York, NY 10036.

As the founder of Eccentric Circles Theatre, Ms. Pierce states that it is a non-profit company dedicated to new American plays written by women, directedby women, with emphasis on strong performing roles for women, especially overthe age of thirty-five.

Birth Details
October 1, 1942
Rio de Janeiro

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